We're obsessed with coffee, are you?

We’re obsessed with coffee, are you?

Obsessed with coffee? You’re not alone. An estimated 54 percent of American adults drink coffee every day and spend an average of $164.71 on their coffee drinks each year! Though it’s cultivated in over 70 countries, beginning your day with a cup of joe is almost as American as ending a meal with a slice of apple pie.

Hazelnut Syrup

Amoretti’s Premium Hazelnut Syrup: an incredible flavor sensation.

But now we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg. Here are 10 mind-boggling facts about coffee that will wake you up almost as much as a shot of espresso!

  1. New Yorkers drink approximately 7 times more coffee than any other US city residents! That’s right…there’s a good possibility that someone has already downed 7 cups by the time you’ve finished your first. But hey, it’s called the “City That Never Sleeps” for a reason, right?
  2. Coffee is so engrained into daily life in Italy that the government regulates espresso – literally!
  3. While the baristas in the United States are typically in their 20s, the average barista in Italy is 48 years old.
  4. Of all the flavored coffee options available, “Hazelnut Supreme” reigns supreme! Good thing there are plenty of quality coffee syrups available, such as Amoretti Premium Hazelnut Syrup, to let you experience America’s most favorite flavored coffee!
  5. Out of the plethora of flavored coffee options, coffee syrups with hazelnut flavoring, such as Amoretti Premium Hazelnut Syrup, compose 21 percent of the market share.
  6. Recently purchased a 2-pound bag of coffee? That was all the coffee cherries and beans that a single coffee tree produced in a year. So if you think about all the coffee consumed in a year and how much coffee a single tree makes…well, that’s a lot of trees to quench the thirst of the US; one and a half billion to be precise.
  7. The United States consumes an estimated 400 million cups of coffee each day, which is more than our entire nation’s population! Good thing that there are coffee syrups, such as Amoretti Premium Chai Syrup, to spice things up!
  8. The first webcam ever invented was brainstormed at the University of Cambridge, and it was made so that people could check whether or not the coffee pot was finished brewing.
  9. From cola products to energy drinks, there are endless sources of caffeine, but coffee represents ¾ths of daily caffeine consumption.
  10. Flavored coffee is the prime choice for 61 percent of American coffee drinkers.
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