13 Easy Ways to Make Gourmet Drinks in 2013 (Part Two)


Yesterday, we began a post on 13 unique ways to make gourmet drinks in 2013. We firmly believe that anybody can learn to make gourmet drinks at home. It doesn’t require a special talent or too much in the way of tools. Plus, the tools that you might want to buy are affordable and easy to come by. You probably have a lot of them in your kitchen already! Yesterday, we ran through the first eight methods, so here are the last five, as promised!

Toeing the line between exotic and classic, this syrup is quite versatile!

#9 Drip: Of course, there’s nothing wrong with drip coffee. If that’s your thing, go for it! Just add a tasty syrup like Amoretti Premium Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Syrup to give it that gourmet flair. Also, not all drip coffee is made in a standard machine coffee maker. Try an hourglass-shaped manual drip coffeemaker. This classic device has been given a modern update by many manufacturers. Coffee produced using this method is usually described as especially smooth!

#10 Steep: Also, who says that steeping is only for tea? You can steep all kinds of things in water or other beverage components, from cinnamon sticks to spices and fruits. When you steep interesting ingredients in water, you can give yourself the building blocks for an entirely new kind of drink.

#11 Freeze: We’ve written recipes in the past (like this one) that feature flavored ice cubes. If you thought all of your drink’s flavor has to come from the liquid ingredients, think again. Next time you’re making a gin and tonic, use frozen lemonade cubes instead of ice cubes. There are a number of ways to get creative when it comes to adding interesting flavors! Another benefit of ice cubes… the longer you sip, the more flavor gets unlocked.

#12 Blend: This winter, you might not be thinking much about blending drinks. We don’t blame you. But spring will be here before you know it, and it’s not too soon to begin thinking about drink recipes for the next season. Keep an eye out for smoothie and milkshake recipes in the next couple of months. We’ll be publishing some easy-to-make recipes that taste gourmet, but require little effort from you!

#13 Neat: If you really can’t bring yourself to make a gourmet drink, go buy yourself a nice bottle of whiskey, pour out a neat shot, and call it a day. Happy 2013!

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