We’d like to introduce two brand new sites today.


The first is www.amorettiblog.com, which will serve as a repository for everything Amoretti: recipes, links, upcoming events, news, press videos, and more. The site will function as a crucial link between Amoretti’s expanding online retail presence and its faithful, loyal customers.

We know just as well as anyone that a blog is only as good as it is current and relevant. Nobody wants to read yesterday’s news over and over again. We promise to keep our blog fresh, fun, and filled with exciting Amoretti tidbits including news about upcoming shows, recipes, social media contests via Twitter and Facebook, photos, coupon codes for our online outlets, promotions, and more.


Amorettistore.com, powered by Amazon

Amorettistore.com, now powered by Amazon.

Our second site is one you may have visited in the past – www.amorettistore.com, but it functions in an entirely different way than before. What makes it different now? Well, it’s powered by Amazon, and we are absolutely thrilled about it. By partnering with Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, we provide to our customers not only a gorgeous-looking retail outlet, but a robust connection with Amazon – which means our customers receive their orders faster than ever before.

Many of the products available on www.amorettistore.com are Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). If you are an Amazon Prime member, this means that any FBA-qualifying item ships to your doorstep with free 2-Day shipping (overnight shipping available for just $3.99 per item). Aside from www.amorettistore.com, customers can also find all of our products directly on Amazon.

Amoretti manufactures more than 2,000 award-winning pastry ingredients, flavoring extracts, compounds, food colors, straight-use ingredients, nut pastes, and more. Our current online product offerings include just about 150 items with more being added daily, so check back often.

Feel free to friend us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We run promotions and contests daily, weekly, and sometimes even hourly! We’ve been known to send free t-shirts as liberally as we grease our baking pans. We’ve also been known to send out free sampler packs of a variety of our products to the first person who sends us a photo of an Appletini made with Amoretti’s delicious Sour Apple Martini Mix.

We hope you enjoy both sites, and we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. The easiest way to voice your opinion regarding www.amorettiblog.com as well as www.amorettistore.com is simply to email orders@amoretti.com. We generally respond to customer questions faster than a hummingbird flaps its wings. And that’s fast, trust us.

So if you’ll excuse us, we have to get back to creating more delicious stuff for our loyal customers to enjoy. Thanks for reading this, and we hope you’ll come back often.