3 Creamy Flavored Syrups for Coffee You Don’t Want to Miss

It’s still dark outside and you’re already awake. Before starting in on your morning routine, you walk into the kitchen and flip the switch on the coffee pot. A few minutes later, you walk back into the kitchen, pour your travel mug full, and open the cabinet…

Nothing. No sugar, no creamer, no packets of artificial sweetener you thought you had slipped in your pocket at the diner last Tuesday. Nothing. Plus, are those some coffee dregs you see floating on the top?

You don’t have time to stop for a cup of good coffee on the way to work, but you don’t want to throw out what you’ve already made either. Just another Monday, right?

Well, it shouldn’t be. We’re big believers in eating and drinking gourmet without the effort. Trust us, we’re busy people, too, and we can’t spend fifteen minutes creating our own lattes every single morning (as much as we would love to). However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have gourmet taste.

We’re happy to introduce an affordable, compact, low-commitment bundle of creamy coffee syrups for people like us. The Amoretti Premium Syrups Creamy Classic 3 Pack offers – you guessed it – three delicious flavored syrups for coffee that go great in just about anything. In fact, calling one of these bottles a “coffee syrup,” is a bit narrow-minded.

Some of our favorite uses for these flavors are: oatmeal and yogurt toppings, latte syrups, baking ingredients, ice cream toppings, and warm cocktail ingredients. While we created these syrups primarily for customers who wanted something rich and creamy for their coffee, many Amoretti customers have found a wide variety of creative uses for these flavors. And, the flavors, you ask?

Crema di Vanilla: If you’ve ever had one of our more traditional vanilla syrups, imagine a creamier, more complex twist on the flavor, and you’ll have something like Crema di Vanilla. Rich, smooth, and all vanilla.

Crema di Hazelnut: Our hazelnut syrup offers a strong nutty flavor that pairs especially well with plant milk lattes (coconut, almond, soy, etc.).

Crema di Caramel: This syrup is definitely the richest and sweetest coffee syrup in the three pack. It’s great in coffee, and tastes delicious in a mug of hot chocolate (but go a little bit lighter on the chocolate to make room for it!).

The servings in this three pack are small, which makes it a great gift – or just a way to try some new and delicious coffee syrups!

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