3 Creative Ideas for Giving Amoretti Coffee Syrups as Gifts

Flavors can bring up fond memories. Give a gift of reminiscence to a loved one with Amoretti Syrups.

Flavors can bring up fond memories. Give a gift of reminiscence to a loved one with Amoretti Syrups.

If you have a friend, relative, or co-worker who enjoys making gourmet drinks at home, then there are few affordable gifts that person will appreciate more than Amoretti coffee syrups. As the industry standard in gourmet coffee syrups, cocktail mixes, and more, Amoretti is known for its longstanding association with quality.

If you want to give a great gift, give Amoretti coffee syrups… but do it with style. Here’s how:

Macadamia Syrup

Premium Macadamia Syrup

#1 Personalized Recipes

Our extensive recipe archive features more than 100+ recipes, and is growing every single week. For people who love to make gourmet drinks, this archive is a wonderful resource. (By the way, gourmet doesn’t mean ‘difficult’ or ‘expensive’; it only refers to the end product’s taste and appearance, if you ask us!)

Search through the archives to find a recipe that uses one (or more) of the coffee syrups that you would like to give. If you don’t see a recipe that suits your needs, feel free to shoot us an email for a recommendation!

When you find the right recipe for the recipient, copy it onto a card and attach it to the bottles of coffee syrup that you’re giving!

#2 Themed Coffee Baskets

Before the holidays, we wrote this post with tips on giving themed coffee baskets. Instead of just giving coffee syrups, why not give a gift basket that includes everything the recipient might need to make delicious gourmet drinks? This idea is sure to be a hit with whoever gets the coffee basket!

#3 Attach Personal Memories

Our memories are connected to food and drink a lot more than we might imagine. A certain hotel’s specialty cocktail might always remind you of Santa Fe, while a macadamia nut cookie might make you think of that one weekend you spent on the Gulf Coast. No doubt, food and drink is personal.

If you have a close relationship (and lots of memories) with the person you’re giving coffee syrups to, then pick out flavors that will remind you both of particular places or times in your lives. If you do share a thing for macadamia nut cookies, for example, then give them a bottle of Amoretti Premium Macadamia Syrup. You can even create little notes and recipes to explain your choices. Call it sentimental, but we’ve enjoyed being on the receiving end of this approach to gift giving!

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