3 Factors That Make a Quality Vodka

Vodka can make or break your cocktail. Find out what makes a quality vodka.

Vodka can make or break your cocktail. Find out what makes a quality vodka.

Most Amoretti customers know that we have a line of premium liqueur flavored syrups. From tequila to amaretto, we have liqueur flavored syrups for just about every kind of cocktail that you might want to create. However, there’s one flavor we’ve never made (and probably never will): vodka.

The reason why is simple. Great vodka – the kind that you might actually want to drink neat – has very little flavor. And, as flavor connoisseurs, we’re just not interested in making any product that’s light on flavor. Vodka’s “flavorless-ness,” or neutrality, isn’t the only thing that makes it unique. In fact, we can think of at least three more factors that make a quality vodka, in addition to having a near-flavorless taste.

Blackberry Martini

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Great Vodka Has…

  • Clean Taste. When people describe vodka as “clean,” what they mean is that there’s no bad, lingering aftertaste. A cheap vodka might leave the back of your mouth tasting like nail polish remover. Great vodka, however, will have very little aftertaste, and certainly won’t produce that dreaded “nail polish remover” sensation. Still, don’t expect a breath mint.
  • Ingredients You Like. If you know anything about vodka, then you probably “know” that great vodka is made from potatoes. Well, as it turns out, this presupposition isn’t entirely true. In fact, vodka can be made from many different ingredients, including, grains, beets, sugar cane, and others – even hempseeds. Try out different vodkas to see what ingredients you like best.
  • No Hangover? According to some (… surprise…) vodka manufacturers, “vodka hangovers” are significantly lighter than the hangovers produced by consuming too much of other types of alcohol. While the jury is still out on the truth of this statement, we prefer to stick to our policy: Make plenty of drinks for your friends, but stick to just a couple for yourself! That’s one way you can ensure not having a hangover.

Top Amoretti Vodka Drink Recipes

Over the last year, we’ve written a number of vodka drink recipes. Here are a few of our favorite drink recipes:

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