3 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Did you know that drinking coffee has its benefits?

Did you know that drinking coffee has its benefits?

Okay, we’ll go ahead and say it. We’re a little biased. (viz. Our blood might be composed of red cells, white cells, platelets, plasma, and caffeine.) So, yes, there may be a little bias here. But that doesn’t change the fact that coffee has some very real, tangible, and proven health benefits. We can’t possibly delve into all of them in just a single post. So, consider this to be an introduction – just enough to whet your appetite for great coffee and great coffee syrups!

#1 Coffee Lowers Risk of Depression

According to the American Academy of Neurology, individuals who drink four cups of coffee per day have a 10% lower risk for depression. For most people, four cups of coffee is a lot, which means this is definitely not a “treatment option” if you’re struggling with depression. Nevertheless, it’s a good benefit to be aware of.

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#2 Coffee-Drinkers Are at Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

There have been at least 15 studies published about the connection between type 2 diabetes and coffee, and things are looking pretty good for the coffee-drinkers out there. One particular study, which examined more than 193k people, found that those who consumed 6-7 cups per day were 35% less likely to have type 2 diabetes. (If you find yourself in that 4-6 cups per day crowd, then there’s hope for you, too. You may be at 28% lower risk for type 2 diabetes.)

Coffee helps prevent diabetes for several reasons, the main one being antioxidants, which kill free radicals (cancer-causing cells). Of course, you can get even more antioxidants by skipping the coffee altogether and eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, but that’s neither here nor there!

Also, coffee has magnesium and chromium, two minerals that help control insulin, and therefore blood sugar. Caffeine seems to have little to no relationship with type 2 diabetes. So, if you’re a decaf guy or gal, you get the benefits, too.

#3 Coffee Lowers Risk of Parkinson’s

Researchers don’t yet fully understand the connection between coffee intake and Parkinson’s, but the more coffee subjects drink, the less likely they are to develop Parkinson’s. With this benefit, the magic is thought to be in the caffeine – not necessarily the minerals or antioxidants.

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