3 Sugar Free Coffee Syrups That Make a Great Gift

The world definitely doesn’t make it easy for those of us trying to avoid sugar. Nobody’s arguing that it’s not an uphill battle. However, we’ve taken a few steps to help make the world tastier and easier for coffee and tea lovers who are trying to avoid sugar!

With an entire line of sugar free liquid sweeteners, Amoretti fans can now enjoy their beverages with up to 12 different sugar-free flavors. The best thing? We didn’t cut out the sugar just to replace it with artificial sweeteners. These tea, cocktail, and coffee syrups use real, natural flavors to achieve their great taste. After all, what’s the point of cutting out one unhealthy ingredient and replacing it with another?

Because we’ve tried a lot of sugar free liquid sweeteners ourselves, we know that they aren’t all created equal. While we’re convinced you’re going to love our product, we thought a smaller, more affordable three pack would make for a great introduction! If you’re disappointed, then we promise to make it right. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the flavors…

French Vanilla: This sugar-free French Vanilla syrup, as well as it’s ‘regular’ counterpart, has been a top seller since the day we introduced it. This is one of the most classic, standard flavors in the coffee world. However, Amoretti never makes a “standard” product. We always strive to take time-tested flavors and improve upon them with high quality ingredients and subtle undertones of unique flavor. If you think you know French Vanilla, think again.

Hazelnut: If you love rich, nutty flavors in your coffee or tea, then you’ll definitely like this sugar free liquid sweetener. We recently wrote a tasty recipe for Almond Hazelnut Coffee that uses coffee syrups from our organic blue agave nectar product line. Check out the recipe, and substitute it with this delicious sugar free hazelnut coffee syrup!

Caramel: Caramel is another one of our top-selling coffee syrups. In fact, it’s so popular that we keep creating different kinds of caramel syrups! So far, we have four delicious caramel coffee syrups. Start out with our sugar free version and see if you’d like to mix things up with another caramel syrup. For a really unique drink, try pairing this with lapsang souchong tea.

Pick up an Amoretti Premium Syrups Sugar-Free Classic 3 Pack for yourself or a friend today. Just 30 calories per serving – and no sugar!

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