In our opinion, creativity is a pretty wonderful thing.

In our opinion, creativity is a pretty wonderful thing.

In our opinion, creativity is a pretty wonderful thing. There’s practically no sense of satisfaction greater than taking raw, basic ingredients, and turning them into a work of art. If you’re in our line of work, making gourmet drinks and food, creativity is a rather transient notion. After all, our “works of art” are consumed within minutes or hours of their creation.

Maybe that’s why we find the creative process to be so rewarding.

When our team creates, there’s no long-lasting sculpture or eternal painted canvas left that will weather the years. Our art comes into being, and then disappears moments later on the backs of our tongues!

Pineapple Martini

Amoretti Pineapple Cocktail Mix

But we like it that way.

And, we hope that you’ll like it, too! It’s our belief that no one should feel intimidated about making gourmet drinks or trying to further their bartender cocktail mixing skills. It’s all about having fun and getting to express yourself through a different medium.

If you currently don’t have any creative outlet, why not make “mixology” (gourmet-, craft-level bartender cocktail mixing) your art? Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy when you’re creative – no matter what kind of outlet you choose to be creative in:

4 Benefits of Creativity

  • Self-Confidence: People who are creative on a regular basis have more self-confidence. When you can take basic ingredients and put them together in such a way that something beautiful (and delicious!) comes into being, you’ll experience a tremendous amount of self-confidence.
  • Better Mental/Emotional Health: They call creativity “an outlet” for a reason. It’s a great opportunity to let go of all that extra mental or emotional baggage you find yourself hanging onto. We all have it. Why not let go of some of it through the process of creation?
  • Social Opportunities: While creativity totally can (and sometimes should be) an independent venture, it’s also a wonderful way to bring people together. (Group art classes are popular for a reason, after all.) People who want to try something new – especially something that might be intimidating – like having a sense of community and support through the process.
  • Be More Interesting: When you’re creative, you’re more interesting. And when you’re more interesting, you enjoy a life of rich and diverse experiences. Why not add a creative act to your “personal resume?”

To get started, pick up a six-pack of our most popular martini mixes. Have questions? Need help? Let’s talk!

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