4 Delicious Caramel Coffee Syrups from Amoretti

Caramel pile

Few flavors taste better in the wintertime than caramel. It’s a classic, American staple that’s been in candy, coffee, and dessert for years. When we began doing a little research on this classic flavor, we were surprised to learn that we didn’t know nearly as much about caramel as we thought we did. We bet you’ll learn something new, as well, from reading the following facts about caramel…

Caramel Syrup

We’re proud to offer classic syrup flavors like Amoretti Premium Caramel Syrup to old customers and new customers alike.

The History of Caramel From Amoretti

  • Caramel has its American origins in the 1600s. Colonial women combined caramelized sugar with water to create the hard, durable treat. It wasn’t until the 1850s, however, that they began adding milk and fat to the mixture, resulting in the chewy sweet we now know as caramel. Our delicious Amoretti Premium Crema di Caramel Syrup is the closest product we offer to this early form of modern caramel. It’s smooth and creamy – more like a sauce than a syrup!
  • In the late 1800s, Milton Hershey, a chocolatier, became fascinated with caramel. He began covering his chocolate candies with caramel, and was inspired to develop chocolate-production technology in order to improve upon the process. However, he became even more fascinated with chocolate, and sold off all of his caramel interests for $1 million. Thanks to Milton Hershey we now have great caramel products in the United States. Thanks to caramel, we now have great chocolate products, too!

Amoretti Organolicious Caramel Flavored Blue Agave Nectar

Amoretti Organolicious Caramel Flavored Blue Agave Nectar

If you love caramel, then you’re sure to love Amoretti Premium Caramel Syrup. Our caramel syrup can be used to flavor coffee, sweeten gourmet martini recipes, or liven up a cup of tea! Whatever you choose to do with it, we think you’ll appreciate the fact that it tastes like actual caramel – not like an imitation. The reason for its “real” taste? We  only use natural flavors in manufacturing our coffee syrups.

Trying to stay away from sugar? We’ve got you covered with Amoretti Premium Sugar Free Caramel Flavoring. This unique coffee syrup doesn’t contain any sugar or artificial ingredients. Instead, we rely upon rich, natural flavors to deliver a coffee syrup that tastes great.

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Customers who are interested in taking their health more seriously should also consider Amoretti Organolicious Caramel Flavored Blue Agave Nectar. Blue agave nectar is much sweeter than traditional sugar, so a little bit goes a long way!

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