4 More Reasons to Reduce Sugar in Your Diet

Amoretti has a variety of Sugar-free Flavorings that will enhance your beverage with delicious flavor without the added sugar.

Amoretti has a variety of Sugar-free Flavorings that will enhance your beverage with delicious flavor without the added sugar.

Last week, we covered five reasons to consider cutting sugar from your diet. With our delicious sugar-free liquid sweeteners, you have even fewer excuses for hanging onto your habit. So, why do so many of us continue to consume sugar – supposedly against our will? The truth is, sugar is addictive. It’s tasty, easy to obtain, and provides quick energy.

While we don’t believe that sugar needs to be totally eradicated (that’s our sweet tooth talking), we do advise readers to consider limiting their sugar intake. Need a few more reasons why? How about four of them?

4 Reasons to Cut Down on Sugar

  • Sugar increases your risk of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which your blood sugar is too high, and the body is incapable of producing enough insulin to convert the sugar into energy. This condition can be triggered by eating too much sugar – just one good reason to consider using sugar-free flavored syrups instead!
  • Sugar promotes fluid retention. You know that bloated feeling that follows eating a lot of sugar? It’s not just your imagination. It’s not just the sugar either. When you eat sugar, a lot of the fluids that you consume are going to stay with you (not in a healthy hydrating way either). Here’s how it works (in a nutshell): you eat sugar, which raises your insulin levels, which inhibits sodium excretion. The extra sodium in your body attracts water, which leads to fluid retention.
  • Sugar can lead to kidney damage. For the above reasons (and other obvious reasons), it’s plain to see that sugar puts a heavy strain on your vascular (circulatory) system. When the vascular system is strained, the kidneys end up working overtime to filter your blood.
  • Sugar can raise your cholesterol levels. Most of us are concerned with our cholesterol levels. However, eating for good cholesterol levels isn’t just about paying attention to a food’s cholesterol contents. It’s also important to pay attention to sugar content. Eating lots of sugar can increase your risk of low HDL.

While we don’t necessarily advocate sugar-free diets for everyone, it’s important to be aware of your sugar intake. With Amoretti sugar-free flavored syrups, you can get the great taste you’ve come to love in your tea, cocktails, and coffee, without all of the added sugar. Plus, we use absolutely no artificial ingredients to get the great taste you enjoy. Try our sugar-free classic three pack today!

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