Have you tried our unique citrus syrups?

Have you tried our unique citrus syrups?

Though not well known in the United States, plants in the rue family are popular in Central and South America, where its branches are known for their pleasant scents and good luck charms. While we can’t promise that these plants will give you good luck, we can vouch for the fruits these plants bear!

Scientifically, citrus refers to plants in the rue family that bear fruit. Many citrus fruits are actually crossbreeds from common varieties, but they can also be divided into four main categories. And these four types actually compose the more popular unique citrus syrups from Amoretti.

If you’re looking to add unique flavor to your drink recipes, consider trying these beverage ingredients:

    Tangerine Syrup

    If you can make a gin and tonic, you can make the Amoretti Tangerine Gin & Tonic!

  1. Amoretti Premium Orange Syrup. Sweetly fragrant but not too tart, this citrus syrup provides the perfect amount of sweetness and sourness to any recipe. Whether you use it in your teas, sorbets, or freshly baked goods, you’ll marvel at the authentic orange flavor that is embodied in this syrup. Unique variations of this flavor such as Amoretti Premium Blood Orange Syrup make it one of the most flexible beverage ingredients available.
  2. Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup. The intensity of flavor makes this one of the most popular unique citrus syrups. In fact, the flavor is so concentrated and richer that we repeatedly hear from customers (and critics, too!) that competitors simply can’t compare to this flavor. Available in a sugar-free offering as well, unique citrus syrups give you a taste of tartness without overwhelming sour flavorings.
  3. Amoretti Premium Tangerine Syrup. Bearing close resemblance to the mandarin orange, the tangerine is often used in fresh recipes such as salads, main dishes, and even desserts. Now available as one of many beverage ingredients from Amoretti, you can enjoy the tangerine flavor in your iced tea, popsicles, frozen yogurt, shaved ice, and any recipe you can think of. With unique citrus syrups from Amoretti, you can enjoy incredible flavor anywhere.
  4. Amoretti Premium Lime Syrup. While the lime flavor can stand alone, it’s typically used to accent other flavors. Because of lime flavor’s ability to complement other beverage ingredients, this is one of the most unique citrus syrups from Amoretti. With the ability to be creative with this ingredient, you can add unique flavor to any dish or drink that you wish. It’s particularly popular for people making cocktails and salad dressings.

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