4 Ways to Use Premium Wild Strawberry Syrup

There are some flavors that still take us by surprise. With more than 115 syrups for drinks, we have a lot of inventory on the shelf to experiment and play around with. Recently, we pulled down a bottle of Amoretti Premium Wild Strawberry Syrup to see what we might come up with. Though our team knew this drink syrup was good, we had kind of forgotten just how good it is!

Our Wild Strawberry Syrup is bursting with real-fruit flavor. Like our other fruit syrups, this product does not have any artificial sweetness. Rather, we used all-natural ingredients to recreate the taste of real strawberries – not just an imitation. You could think of this drink syrup as liquid strawberries! And, what’s not to love about that?

Wild strawberry syrups - irresistible!

#1 Iced/Hot Tea

This time of the year, we love using our strawberry drink syrup in hot tea. Adding it to a light green tea is a great way to give a little fruit twist to a non-fruity hot drink. Because Amoretti Premium Wild Strawberry Syrup doesn’t have much added sweetness, you may still want to consider adding sugar or honey in addition.

Also, this drink syrup pairs wonderfully with iced black tea. A little bit goes a long way!

#2 Strawberry Lemonade

Mix some of this drink syrup with lemonade for a treat that you and the kids will both enjoy. Just add 1 ¾ pumps of Amoretti Premium Wild Strawberry Syrup for every 8 fl. oz of lemonade. It’s an incredibly easy, yet tasty, recipe!

#3 Ice Cream Topping

Though February might not be the right month for ice cream, make a mental note of this suggestion for the summer. Drizzling a little bit of this “drink syrup” on a bowl of vanilla ice cream is a great way to bring a little gourmet flavor into your life!

#4 Baking Recipes

Speaking of gourmet flavor, this drink syrup is a wonderful way to spruce up an old recipe. Try adding this syrup to a basic sugar cookie recipe to get a dessert that looks and tastes great.

What’s Your Suggestion?

We’d love to know your thoughts on using Amoretti Premium Wild Strawberry Syrup. What recipes have you come up with? Share your answer with us and other Amoretti fans on the official Amoretti Facebook page! Remember, these aren’t just syrups for drinks; they’re ingredients with unlimited possibilities!

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