5 Delicious Amoretti Coffee Syrups You Can Bake!

Try our delicious syrups for baking cookies, bread, muffins or other pastries

We think our coffee syrups are great in a steaming mug of coffee, but they have many more uses, too. If you’ve never tried baking with any of our yummy liquid sweeteners, then you might want to give it a try. Maybe you could add an Amoretti Toppings Syrup in the next pie filling you need?

Here are just a few of our favorite liquid sweeteners for baking…

Add our Amoretti Premium Amaretto Syrup to your morning cup of coffee.

Amoretti Premium Crema di English Toffee Syrup: This syrup tastes just like the actual English toffee. If you’re baking a coffee cake or some other similar type of bread, try adding this into the batter. A little bit goes a long way with our English toffee syrup!

Amoretti Premium Crema di Amaretto Syrup: Love Amaretto, but not sure whether you want to use the real stuff in your recipe? Then this is the perfect substitute. Also, warming it a little, and drizzling it over your dessert before serving adds a lot of flair – for both the eyes and the taste buds!

Amoretti Premium Crema di Grand Orange Syrup: This Christmas, we’re thinking a lot about oranges and chocolate, a classic combination that can bring together old world charm and the most modern, gourmet recipes. We’ve created this orange liqueur-inspired coffee syrup for use in everything from coffee to cocktails. However, one little known use… you guessed it… it’s a great baking ingredient. We enjoy mixing this into muffin batter, breads, glazes, and more.

Amoretti Premium Crema di Caramel Syrup: We love using caramel in our cooking, but real caramel can be messy and too thick for some purposes (unless you want to spend a lot of time carefully melting it down at the stove). That’s just one reason why we love using this liquid sweetener as a caramel substitute. And, of course, we’re also a little biased. If you ask us, we think this coffee syrup is even better than the real thing when it comes to baking and sweetening drinks!

Amoretti Crema di Irish Cream Syrup: Irish cream is supposed to be creamy, right? That’s what we thought, at least. The idea led us to create this tasty liquid sweetener, inspired by the liqueur. While we offer a lighter “regular” version, we think this is the best way to enjoy the timeless flavor of Irish cream. Use this syrup to add more depth and character to the creamy dessert recipes you already know and love.

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