What do you envision when you think of afternoon tea?

What do you envision when you think of afternoon tea?

When thinking of an afternoon tea party, chances are that you think about British gentlemen and women sipping a cup of tea around a perfectly decorated tea table. Or perhaps you envision moments from Alice in Wonderland, as Alice sips tea with a unique group of friends, naturally with her pinky stuck out in the air.

If these images pop into your mind, we can’t blame you. But the reality is that anyone can enjoy a cup of afternoon tea, especially with friends. If you can throw martini parties, then why not an afternoon teatime party? It’s a unique idea that will charm family and friends alike. As you make your own gourmet drinks, you can ensure the quality of the tea as it’s consumed with hearty fare and delectable snacks.

Unique beverage syrups: Rose Syrup

The natural and refreshing taste of roses.

Five key secrets to the perfect afternoon tea gathering include:

  1. Invitations. Yes, while you could simply send a text, email, or call to invite your friends over for tea, invitations are much more in line with the party’s theme. After all, there’s something particularly charming about receiving an invitation the old fashioned way. While your invitations don’t have to be particularly fancy, be sure to allow your personality to shine through.
  2. Teatime treats. Small sandwiches, wafers, and light sweets are the best pairings with tea. If you make your own gourmet drinks, then you know that tea is particularly light, so you must be careful to ensure that the foods aren’t too strong and overpowering. Even if you use high quality flavored syrups, tea is meant to have a lighter taste compared to many other beverages.
  3. Brew a pot of tea. Instead of simply throwing a cup of water into the microwave, why not brew tea the old fashioned way? You can even provide an assortment of tea bags, so it is a “make your own” gourmet drinks party.
  4. Use flavored syrups. Providing premium flavored syrups from Amoretti will ensure that your guests enjoy the best flavors that tea has to offer. Whether you offer Amoretti Premium Chai Syrup or something as light as Amoretti Premium Rose Syrup, the quality is undeniable.
  5. Enjoy! Remember, the prime goal of afternoon tea is to provide you and your friends an opportunity to relax and enjoy each other’s company. So while you might be a tad stressed planning afternoon tea, allow Amoretti flavored syrups to do the work of satisfying your guests and simply enjoy their company.
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