5 Reasons to Kick the Sugar (With Sugar-Free Flavored Syrups!)

Many of us have something of a love/hate relationship with sugar. Even sugar in its most rudimentary and crude forms (we’re looking at you, sweet tea) can be so tempting. We know it’s generally bad for us, but just how bad could it be? Well, depending on your personal health and diet, you may want to consider kicking your sugar habit altogether.

If so, don’t expect utter deprivation. With Amoretti sugar-free flavorings, you can add delicious flavor to your coffee, tea, cocktails, or virtually anything else – all without using sugar or artificial sweeteners!

5 Reasons to Say, ‘Sayonara, Sugar!’

  • Sugar damages your skin. Sure, eating that one piece of cake isn’t going to result in a noticeable wrinkle. Over time, however, sugar reduces the skin’s elasticity.
  • White blood cells are important to our body for a number of reasons. They help fight off bacteria and infection. However, when we consume even as little as 75-100 grams of sugar, our blood cells are unable to do their job properly.
  • Also, did you know that sugar can actually contribute to depression? Too much sugar can inhibit the production of endorphins. If you’re feeling down, it may be easy to turn to sugary “comfort food.” Instead, go for a hike or a run. Get active and let your body do its job of producing endorphins.
  • Here’s an obvious one: sugar leads to cavities. Sugar creates glycoproteins (carbohydrate and protein molecules) that stick to your teeth and lead to plaque buildup.
  • Have you ever experienced a “sugar crash?” Scientifically speaking, here’s what’s going on during a “sugar crash”: your body releases insulin to try to move all of the excess sugar in your bloodstream into cells (where it’s turned to fat, by the way). Once this task is completed, excess insulin remains in your bloodstream. The circulation of this insulin with no job to do leads to a headache.

2 Must-Try Sugar-Free Liquid Sweeteners

We’re proud to feature 11 different sugar-free liquid flavoringss in the Amoretti Store. All of these products are made here in the USA and contain no artificial sweeteners. If you love teas, cocktails, and similar beverages, then we proudly recommend Amoretti Premium Sugar Free Raspberry Flavoring. More of a coffee fan? We’ve got the perfect sugar-free flavoring for you: Amoretti Premium Sugar Free Hazelnut Flavoring. Try one – or both – today!

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