5 Things to Do With Amoretti Irish Liqueurs

Expand your gourmet beverage recipe collection with liqueurs.

Expand your gourmet beverage recipe collection with liqueurs.

We may be well over a month past St. Patrick’s Day, but that hasn’t stopped us from pulling out two of our (non-alcoholic) Irish liqueur-flavored syrups. We’ve been having a lot of fun using these Irish liqueurs in everything from drink recipes to baking.

Amoretti Premium Irish Cream Syrup is our classic Irish cream syrup. Throw it in your coffee or tea, hot or iced. Amoretti Premium Crema di Irish Cream Syrup takes the great flavor of our standard Irish cream syrup but makes it even creamier and richer. If you like to make lattes or boiling hot cocktails, then this is your ticket.

Amoretti Premium Irish Cream Syrup

Amoretti Premium Irish Cream Syrup

#1 Irish Mexican Coffee

This is a recipe we came out with just after Thanksgiving last year. Our Irish Mexican coffee brings together two unlikely countries in one phenomenal coffee drink. Equal parts of our Irish Cream premium syrup and Kahlua “Type” Premium Syrup make for a great combination when mixed with some fresh brewed coffee and a splash of cream.

#2 White Russian

Of course, there’s no better way to use an Irish liqueur than making a White Russian. Just take a little of our creamy Irish liqueur premium syrup, some vodka, and add a touch of our Kahlua “Type” Premium Syrup.

#3 Irish Liqueurs & Black Tea

We’re big tea fans, but sometimes tea gets boring – especially your standard English breakfast tea. Instead of adding cream and sugar, why not add one of our non-alcoholic Irish liqueurs? Bring something new and different to your breakfast routine.

#4 Baked Goods

We said you could use our Irish liqueurs for baking. One of our favorite ways to bake with this premium syrup is by adding it to banana bread. Pick a recipe, any recipe, and add an Irish liqueur where you would ordinarily add vanilla. Then throw in a little more for good measure. Baking outside of the strictest guidelines is always a little trial and error, but the result – when you finally nail it – is worth it!

#5 Basic Stirred Cocktails

As much as we encourage you to try making a White Russian, you don’t have to go out and buy any additional special ingredients to make a great cocktail with our Irish liqueurs. Just try adding one of these two premium syrups to vodka or whiskey and your favorite soda. Amoretti Premium Syrups do all of the work for you when it comes to creating delicious flavor.

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