6 Fun Kid-Friendly Drink Syrups

Kid with a cup of hot chocolate

This winter, if your kids (or you) start to get a little stir-crazy, consider spicing things up with six unique drink syrups from Amoretti. These drink syrups can open up the door to creativity in your own home. Encourage kids to mix and match, experiment, and have fun creating drinks that they’ll enjoy. (Also, this is a great chance to slip some fresh fruit into their diet. Encourage the kids to make smoothies!)

What can be better than Apple Pie? Packing lots of wild flavor, the Amoretti Premium Apple Pie Syrup is the best!

We’ve scanned through our collection of more than 115 unique drink syrups to bring you these six kid-approved drink syrups. All of these syrups can be used on their own or mixed with other basic flavors like vanilla or strawberry.

Amoretti Premium Apple Pie Syrup

We wrote about our tasty apple pie syrup back in August, so we’ll try to not geek out about it again. Just go read the post if you want to see how much we really love it. Try adding this to hot chocolate for a real treat. It adds unique flavor to just about any chocolaty recipe.

Amoretti Premium Bubble Gum Syrup

Our bubble gum syrup (and watermelon syrup – also on this list) was featured in a rather quirky recipe from this past summer, Amoretti Watermelon Bubble Gum Lemonade. While this is mainly a summer treat for kids, it can be enjoyed year round. Depending upon the age of your children, you might need to help them. However, they might be able to use it more basic recipes on their own!

Packed with lots of flavor and at only 35 calories per serving!

Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup

Do your kids love root beer, but you’re not too keen on having 2-liters of the sugary stuff around your house? Here’s a great alternative! Here’s our basic float recipe, which uses Amaretto, but you can use root beer syrup instead!

Amoretti Premium Watermelon Syrup

This one’s another summer flavor that works well during the wintertime. Add a touch of this to green tea to encourage your kids to start enjoying a healthy, anti-oxidant-loaded beverage!

Amoretti Premium Cola Syrup

If you’re looking for something more off the wall, why not try our cola syrup? Its distinctive taste can add unique flavor to your beverages. Kids definitely love the flavor of this syrup!

Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup

You’ll find plenty of recipes in our archive to put this unique beverage syrup to use. Unlike other chocolate syrups, you’ll find that this one tastes like the real deal (not like an ordinary drink syrup).

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