7 Liqueur Flavored Coffee Syrups for Your Home Bar

Tired of flavoring your coffee with the same old coffee syrups? Well, you probably shouldn’t drop a shot of Jamaican Rum in your morning cup of to-go coffee, but there’s no reason why you can’t have the flavor!

Amaretto Syrup

Our Amaretto syrup tastes like the real thing. Some of us might say it’s even better!

We’ve drawn inspiration from some of the world’s finest liqueurs, and created a line of liqueur-flavored syrups. Below, you’ll find seven coffee syrups that were inspired by liqueurs from around the world. Sure, you can use them in your cocktails, but they really come to life in coffee!

Amoretti Premium Amaretto Syrup: Amaretto is a favorite dessert liqueur of just about everybody. Its sweet, almond-flavored tones are the perfect accompaniment to a strong, dark-roast cup of brewed coffee.

Amoretti Premium Zabaione Syrup: You might not have heard of this particular flavor. Zabaione is an Italian dessert made of sweet Marsala wine, egg-yolks, and sugar. It resembles a custard and is typically served in a cocktail glass. This is a great coffee syrup to use if you want to make a latte that’s truly unique!

Amoretti Premium Irish Cream Syrup

Amoretti Premium Irish Cream Syrup

Amoretti Premium Irish Cream Syrup: Our Irish Cream coffee syrup is one of our top selling liqueur-flavored syrups, and it’s no surprise to us that it occupies such a high position with our customers. Crafted to resemble authentic Irish Cream, this coffee syrup is one step away from perfection (the only thing it could benefit from is actual alcohol!).

Amoretti Premium Eggnog Syrup: While eggnog itself might be a traditional holiday drink, we believe that this coffee syrup version of eggnog is great year round. Use this syrup with chocolate or something spicy to create a unique beverage that doesn’t taste like Christmas!

Amoretti Premium Kahlua “Type” Syrup: If you love coffee-flavored liqueurs, then you’ll love our Kahlua “Type” Syrup. Add a couple of pumps of this liqueur flavored syrup to a latte or cappuccino to get a taste you can’t find at your neighborhood coffee shop!

Amoretti Premium Kirsch Syrup: Kirsch is a clear cherry-flavored fruit brandy from the Black Forest in Germany. This is definitely one of the more unique liqueur flavored syrups we carry. Try pairing it with our dark chocolate coffee syrup to create a latte that is sweet with the perfect amount of fruit!

Amoretti Premium Jamaican Rum Syrup: Lastly, a dash of our Jamaican Rum coffee syrup may be just what your palate needs to liven things up a bit!

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