Add maple flavor to your creations any time of day.

Add maple flavor to your creations any time of day.

Maple syrup is magical. It’s a flavor everyone recognizes thanks to pancakes and waffles at breakfast time. But as much as we love maple syrup, the reality is that we’re missing the opportunity to add unique flavor to many more recipes beyond breakfast time. Below, we’re going to showcase our 10 favorite ways to use Amoretti Premium Maple Syrup outside of pancakes, and maybe we can inspire other ways on how to use flavored syrup!

Maple Syrup

Next time you create a special breakfast for your family, try Amoretti Maple Syrup Iced Tea. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  1. Glazing the bottom of a baking pan. The next time you make cinnamon rolls, try glazing the bottom of the pan with butter and maple syrup. This is certainly an interesting way to use flavored syrup, but you’ll be surprised by the incredible flavor that’s added. You’ll never view cinnamon rolls the same way ever again!
  2. Pork roast. There’s something scrumptious about tender pork and BBQ that melts in our mouth with sweetness. Whether you use maple syrup in your marinade or drizzle it over the meat, you can add unique flavor to your meal with Amoretti.
  3. Granola recipes. Who doesn’t love a handful of granola before a hike? The next time you prepare this earthy snack, why not add another natural flavor with maple syrup. If you’ve wondered how to use flavored syrup, this is an easy way to allow flavors to naturally blend and enhance each other.
  4. Applesauce. Add unique flavor to a familiar recipe like applesauce with just a few pumps of maple syrup, and you’ll experience a whole new aspect of a classic treat. Suddenly, something as simple as applesauce will seem incredibly refined and classic.
  5. Milk shakes. Instead of adding extra sugar to your milk shakes, why not add unique flavor with maple syrup? Plus, the earthy and natural flavor of maple will mix nicely with the creaminess of milk – yum!
  6. Bacon. Try glazing your bacon with Amoretti Premium Maple Syrup. If you’ve wondered how to use flavored syrup outside the box, this is definitely a unique yet familiar way to add unique flavor to your day.
  7. Pie recipes. Whether it’s apple pie, pecan pie, or something in-between, the natural flavor of maple syrup will enhance the existing ingredients and allow your taste buds to enjoy the cacophony of interacting flavors.

When it comes to how to use flavored syrup, the reality is that there’s no one right way. Whether you use it in a beverage or culinary recipe, there are many ways to add unique flavor to your day. How will do you do it?

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