Every bartender will tell you that your drink is only as good as your ingredients.

Every bartender will tell you that your drink is only as good as your ingredients.

Whether you enjoy indulging your taste buds in the flavors that mixed drinks have to offer or are preparing for a party at your place, it’s important to always keep your home bar equipped for use. After all, if you want to practice your bartender cocktail mixing skills, then you should at least have the basic tools and equipment for a home bar.

Once you have your cocktail mix set figured out, you’ll be able to impress your friends and loved ones with your classy mixing skills. Must have tools for your home bar include:


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  1. A cocktail shaker. Perhaps the most essential tool for bartender cocktail mixing is a cocktail shaker, though a traditional shaker works just as well. Metal shakers with a tight top and strainer are available in various designs.
  2. A Boston shaker. Getting advanced with your bartender cocktail mixing skills? Then a Boston shaker is a must-have for your cocktail mix set. This shaker allows you to mix up to 16 ounces at one time and fits perfectly over the glass for a direct pour. It’s used by many professional bartenders and requires the use of a strainer.
  3. Hawthorne strainer. If you’re using a Boston shaker or any other shaker that requires a strainer because one is not built in, the Hawthorn strainer is the perfect option because you can use it with just one hand.
  4. Julep strainer. This tool serves a dual purpose, as you can stir with it but also use it to strain cocktails into a glass. While this isn’t a “must” for a cocktail mix set, it’s certainly a helpful tool for the serious drink mixer.
  5. Jigger. Want to be exact in your cocktail measurements to ensure deliciously and perfectly balanced drinks every time? Then you’ll want a jigger. Most professionals don’t use one, though, because they’re so used to the precise eyeballing of liquid ingredients. Until you get to that level of bartender cocktail mixing, however, a jigger would serve you well.
  6. Muddler. Need to mash your ingredients to get the most flavor infused into your drinks? Then you’ll want a muddler for strong crushing and mixing power.
  7. Amoretti mixes. Every bartender will tell you that your drink is only as good as your ingredients, so quality syrups are an integral tool for any cocktail mix set. Whether it’s the Amoretti Cosmopolitan Martini Cocktail Mix or the Amoretti Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail Mix, you’ll want quality ingredients in your cocktail mix set.
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