A Brief Coffee Drink Glossary From the Coffee Syrup Pros

There are different coffee styles... ever wonder the difference between latte and cappuccino?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an Americano and a macchiato?  And isn’t a latte just a different word for ‘cappuccino’?  If all of these terms have gotten the best of you at one point or another, then take a look at this quick guide from your friends at Amoretti.

We didn’t start creating the world’s most unique beverage syrups without learning a thing or two about coffee first!  Now, when you’re ready to buy some great tasting coffee syrups, you’ll know exactly how to use them.  Or, at the very least, you’ll know how to order like a pro at the coffee shop!

Espresso Shot

Espresso: Let’s start here at the core of just about any barista-made drink.  Espresso is highly, highly concentrated coffee.  It’s the exact same thing that you brew in your coffee pot at home: roasted coffee beans.  However, ‘espresso’ refers to a totally different brewing method.  Espresso is ground very, very finely, and packed tightly.  Then, hot water is forced through the grounds for about 16 to 23 seconds, producing a shot glass size, highly concentrated drink.  Espresso should usually be consumed within thirty seconds or so or put into hot water or milk.  Otherwise, the shot “goes dead” (i.e. flat/tasteless).


Americano: This one’s easy.  An Americano is just espresso in hot water.  During the war, Americans would order their espresso this way, thereby earning it the name ‘Americano’.

Cafe Latte

Latte: No doubt, the latte is the most popular way to order coffee when out at a coffee shop.  A latte consists of espresso, and steamed milk, and usually some coffee syrups.  Syrups like Amoretti Premium French Vanilla are really popular in lattes.   Lattes have about a quarter to half inch of foam on top.


Cappuccino: The cappuccino is like a latte; however, instead of being mostly steamed milk with a head of foam, it’s half steamed milk and half foam.  Most baristas will free pour the steamed milk, which has been aerated for a longer time than the milk they steam for lattes.  The milk and foam will naturally separate in a few seconds.


Macchiato: Here’s one you don’t hear everyday.  The macchiato (or ‘espresso macchiato’) is a shot of espresso with just a dollop of steamed milk.  It’s almost like a “reverse latte,” if you’d like to look at it that way!

Be sure to pick up some unique beverage syrups like Amoretti Premium Cajeta Syrup so you can enjoy these drinks and more at home!

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