Romance, Roses, and Rose Syrup

Romance, Roses, and Rose Syrup

Looking to do something special for your sweetheart? While it’s always special to go on a date to your favorite restaurant or the place where you first met, there’s something enchanting about a home-cooked meal in your dining room.

Imagine: you cook your sweetheart’s favorite meal using your mother’s classic recipe, displaying the dishes on a finely decorated table. Romance, candles, and mood lighting set the perfect scene. The only thing missing is a drink – a toast to your relationship, of course!

Unique beverage syrups: Rose Syrup

The natural and refreshing taste of roses.

Oh, and don’t forget the red roses! This is crucial for such an important date night. Red roses will serve double duty this evening: as classic decoration for a romantic evening, and as a garnish for a specially made drink.

Now, you may be wondering why the red rose is so often associated with romance. In fact, it’s so closely intertwined with romance, it’s undeniably one of the most universal of symbols.

According to the mythologies of ancient Greece and Rome, the color red was connected with extremely deep and passionate emotion. Furthermore, the red rose was associated with the goddess of love in ancient mythology. Throughout the years that followed, we became strongly attached to red roses, and flowers in general, as symbols of love and fidelity

A red rose or a bouquet of flowers is one of the most effective ways to say “I love you” – without ever uttering a word. Now, you can participate in this ancient practice by gifting your loved one with a beautiful red rose.

Unlike other flowers, which are often arranged in magnificent bouquets, a single red rose is all you need to make a powerful statement of love and romance. Likewise, for your home-cooked date, a single drink recipe is all you need to create a romantic evening.

By taking advantage of one of the most unique beverage syrups – it’s rose flavored! – you’ll be able to create a night your loved one will never forget.

Rose Champagne

Rose Champagne

Fill your champagne glass and add the 1 pump of Amoretti Premium Rose Syrup, which will sink to the bottom of the glass. Lightly stir so that this unique beverage syrup flavors the champagne. As one of the most unique beverage syrups available, the rose flavoring will catch your loved one off guard – in a pleasant way. To top it all off, feel free to use rose petals as the garnish on this extremely romantic drink.

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