A Brief History of Root Beer, One Interesting Beverage Syrup!

It was just a few years ago that we first started making Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup, a delicious and unique beverage syrup that we consider to be an amazing re-creation of an age old drink. Our root beer syrup isn’t just a syrupy concoction. Rather, it has a moderate sweetness that gets to the core of what this flavor is really all about.

As we sought out more information about what real root beer is supposed to taste like, we uncovered a fascinating story – one that we had never heard before. Root beer didn’t just appear in soda shops one day in the mid-20th century. In fact, it has a history that traces all the way back to medieval England.

Hot day! Make yourself a root beer float with Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup!

How Root Beer Came About…

In the medieval age, drinking water straight from a river, stream, or well was rather dangerous. After all, sanitation and medicinal knowledge wasn’t then what it is now. In an effort to avoid drinking unclean water, many people opted to drink wine, beer, and other brewed beverages. Of course, you can’t just drink beer all day, so root beer – or “small beer” as it was known – was created.

This “small beer” was very low in alcohol volume and included herbs, bark, berries, and other natural ingredients with beneficial health properties. Root beer, ginger beer, and sarsaparilla are all modern descendants of small beer.

The recipes for small beer developed over the centuries and even made their way into colonial America with the pilgrims. It was here in America that root beer really took off. America’s earliest settlers didn’t always have access to clean, fresh water. At the same time, storing water in wooden casks wasn’t always a great alternative, as the water could become contaminated this way.

To solve the issue, many settlers began boiling a tea that was largely derived from many locally foraged roots. The concoction was then fermented with yeast and turned into beer. Before fermentation took full effect, the process was stopped and the low-alcohol root beer was born.

Root Beer: Unique Beverage Syrup

We’re thrilled to push this age-old story one step further with our delicious and unique beverage syrup. It’s made from all natural ingredients right here in the United States just like it was hundreds of years ago. Pick up a bottle of Amoretti Premium Root Beer Syrup today! It’s perfect for cocktails, iced teas, sodas, or whatever other uses you can invent!

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