Add an adult twist to your favorite childhood flavor.

Add an adult twist to your favorite childhood flavor.

Remember the days when you used to chew bubblegum all the time as a kid? Whether you were sitting in the middle of an elementary school classroom or trying to gulp down your daily serving of vegetables at dinner, chewing gum was a way to help make life more bearable – and flavorful!

As we grow older, something changes. That bubblegum flavor tends to disappear. Sure, some of us still chew gum, but now we enjoy it in a vast variety of flavors such as spearmint, wintergreen, or even apple pie. Plus, we’ve all heard the tale that if you swallow bubble gum, it’ll stay with you for 100 years, so it’s best to avoid the risk, right?

Amoretti Premium Bubble Gum Syrup - just add to a glass of ice!

Amoretti Premium Bubble Gum Syrup – just add to a glass of ice!

Fortunately, with Amoretti Premium Bubble Syrup, you can enjoy the incredible flavor of bubble gum without having to worry about your digestive system. And with so many uses for flavored syrup, you can enjoy every moment of your childhood in your adult life. Below, we share one of our favorite recipes with unique beverage syrups from Amoretti.

Bubble Gum Vodka Ice Cream Float

This recipe is one of the easiest yet most enjoyable uses for flavored syrup. Simply scoop the ice cream into a tall glass and pour the remaining ingredients on top. Stir with a spoon until the ingredients are combined and you can enjoy your sweet treat! Since unique beverage syrups from Amoretti are concentrated with authentic flavor, you only need a relatively small amount to infuse the entire float with delicious bubble gum flavor.

This bubble gum vodka ice cream float will allow you to enjoy the distinct memories of childhood as an adult. Furthermore, since this is one of the easiest uses for flavored syrup, it’s a treat that you can enjoy again and again without having to worry about major prep time. In fact, it may even inspire you to use unique beverage syrups in other frozen treats such as gelato, frozen yogurt, or ice cream recipes.

The only limit to Amoretti Premium Bubble Gum syrup is your imagination. As much as we love this recipe, it’s just one of many uses for flavored syrup – and we hope that you experiment with as many flavors and recipes as you can!

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