This fall, warm up with a caramel appletini.

This fall, warm up with a delicious caramel appletini.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then we’re interested to see what would happen with a caramel apple – yum! When you think of a caramel apple, chances are that you remember those county fairs from your childhood or the annual harvest festival that’s held across town. It’s an American tradition that’s as old as apple pie itself. But did you know that caramel and candy apples weren’t invented in America?

While every culture has its own history concerning the candy apple (it didn’t appear in America until 1908, for instance), the first recorded history of it is in Arabian cuisine. Instead of being hailed as a sweet or dessert, the original candied apple was covered to preserve it. Now, of course, we cover our apples with everything from caramel to chocolate, peanuts, and exotic toppings.

As the summer heat cools off and nature cycles through its ancient tradition, we can’t blame you for thinking or craving caramel apples. As you begin thinking about Halloween festivities in the upcoming weeks and the last county fairs of the year, now is definitely the time to enjoy such a classic childhood favorite.

But instead of driving all the way to the county fair to enjoy a fresh caramel apple, why not use flavored syrups from Amoretti to create world-class drinks at your home bar? Amoretti Premium Caramel Syrups is one of the most unique flavors for drinks, not because caramel is rare or anything, but rather due to the quality ingredients used to make Amoretti flavored syrups.

Caramel Syrup

We’re proud to offer classic syrup flavors like Amoretti Premium Caramel Syrup to old customers and new customers alike.

With Amoretti, you can enjoy unique flavors for drinks such as a caramel appletini that tastes even better than a caramel apple from the fair. Don’t believe us? Try this recipe with flavored syrups from Amoretti for yourself!

Caramel Appletini


Add the Irish cream, vodka, and caramel syrup into a shaker filled with ice, shaking vigorously to ensure that all the flavors are thoroughly combined. Next, strain into a pre-chilled martini glass and enjoy the unique flavors for drinks! For a fitting garnish, use an apple slice to add a decorative and thematic touch.

Because flavored syrups from Amoretti are only made with the finest ingredients available, you will enjoy a richer, thicker, and more concentrated taste without artificial sweeteners and unhealthy additives. Enjoy!

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