A Completely Sugar-Free Cocktail? Raspberry Gin Seltzer

When it comes to staying away from sugar, things get tough in the world of cocktails. Coffee you can drink black, and tea you can drink unsweetened. But most people would prefer to enjoy an actual cocktail recipe rather than a neat glass of gin.

With all of our sugar-free customers in mind, we created a drink recipe that tastes just as good as any sugary cocktail you might find on a menu. The Raspberry Gin Seltzer is completely sugar-free, and features one of our top-selling sugar-free liquid flavorings.

Even better, you might be interested to know that we didn’t forgo the sugar just to replace it with some artificial sweetener. You can look at the ingredients label for yourself – nothing but water and natural flavor! We believe that using real ingredients sourced from nature is the only way to get a great tasting product. Even when you leave out the sugar, you still get terrific results.

Why not try out a drink recipe for yourself that uses one of our sugar-free liquid flavorings. If you’re disappointed, all you have to do is send us a quick email or pick up the phone, and we promise to make it right. So, without further ado… the drink recipe!

Raspberry Gin Seltzer Drink Recipe

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Add ingredients to a Collins glass filled with ice, and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge. Easy, right?

    The Seltzer Water Benefit

    We’ve really come to enjoy seltzer water over the last few weeks. Unlike tonic water and other seemingly healthy mixers, seltzer water contains no added sugar. Many readers would probably be surprised to know that tonic water actually contains almost as much sugar as your average soft drink.

    Seltzer water (also referred to as club soda) is simply the way to go. When you choose a healthier option like seltzer water, then the only sugar in your cocktail will be from the actual alcohol. But, hey, we can’t help that!

    Raspberry not your favorite flavor? We have eleven more sugar-free liquid flavorings to choose from. You can even buy a small three-pack for less than the cost of one bottle. Start experimenting with a new world of gourmet sugar-free drink recipes today! Have questions about nutrition, manufacturing, etc.? We’ve got answers. Give us a call or send us an email.

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