At Amoretti, we have a passion for passion fruit – do you?

At Amoretti, we have a passion for passion fruit – do you?

Though a native from southern Brazil, the passion fruit is now one of the most popular fruits in the world, serving as an important commercial crop in places like California, Florida, and even South Africa. Whether you enjoy this fresh fruit on its own like any other fruit, or infuse its flavor into a drink recipe, there’s no denying that we’re all passionate about passion fruit.

With unique tropical syrups that embrace the passion fruit flavor, you can use this in your ice cream, cocktail, yogurt, and even dessert recipes to add a dose of tropical flavor into your life.

Now, if you want to add that fresh taste, you can always purchase fresh passion fruit from your local supermarket. But because we aren’t used to passion fruit as much as we are to other fruits such as watermelon, it can be difficult to determine whether a fruit is ripe for purchase. Our tips for purchasing passion fruit include:

  • Wrinkly skin. Aside from choosing the larger fruits out of your pile of options, you know that the fruit is ripe based on how wrinkly its skin is.
  • Room temperature. Like other fruits, the unripe passion fruit will ripen within just a few days at room temperature.
  • Freezing is fine. The passion fruit’s flesh and juices are sturdy, freezing well without damaging texture or flavor.
Passion Fruit Syrup

Our Passion Fruit syrup goes great in a variety of teas, cocktails, martinis, and more.

Whether you use fresh passion fruit or take advantage of the quality ingredients that only Amoretti Premium Passion Fruit Syrup can offer, it’s important to experiment with a new cocktail drink recipe to add passion to your palate. Unique tropical syrups like Amoretti Premium Passion Fruit Syrup have recently made their way to cocktail recipe favoritism.

Don’t believe us? Try this simple drink recipe.

Hurricane Cocktail recipe

Fill the shaker two-thirds of the way with ice before adding these ingredients. Shake very well before straining on top of 20 ounces of crushed ice. To add an extra hint of freshness, feel free to add a spruce of mint as garnish. You’ll enjoy the refreshing taste that mint offers and the incredible way that unique tropic syrups such as Amoretti Premium Passion Fruit Syrup balance the sour tartness of lemon juice.

For a really tropical taste, feel free to spear 3 chunks of pineapple on a toothpick and add as a garnish to complement the mint. This option is particularly popular for tiki-themed parties.

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