Apricots are perfect to enjoy any time of day, or year.

Apricots are perfect to enjoy any time of day, or year.

Very few fruit have the rich heritage that the apricot boasts, especially when you consider its spread through China, Europe, and the Americas. No wonder so many people like to add unique flavor to their drinks with Amoretti Premium Apricot Syrup!

But before the convenience of modern day natural flavoring, cooks and culinary artisans in the 1700s had to produce, select, and handle their own apricots for incredible flavors. It wasn’t until 1792, when the apricot arrived in California, that the fruit was enjoyed in a variety of ways, including pastries, dried, and as jam.

So what’s the secret to picking a perfectly ripe apricot to add unique flavor to any recipe?

  1. Apricots should embody a rich orange color, which signifies the fruit’s ripeness. If the fruit is soft or yellow, it is either still growing or has ripened too much.
  2. Ripe apricots will be slightly soft, not mushy, but certainly not too firm either. More so than other fruits, apricots are best if picked when tree ripened, instead of being left on the counter to soften.

Because of its delightfully musky flavor, with a faint tartness that could be described as a blend of a peach and a plum, the apricot provides many opportunities for recipe use.

Apricot Syrup

Of course, you want the whole family to enjoy Amoretti fruit syrups!

For instance, the apricot can be enjoyed in morning foods, such as cold cereals or a warm bowl of oatmeal. But it can also be added to a lunch or dinnertime serving of chicken or vegetable soup. Have the munchies? You can snack on dried apricots or even add unique flavor to your salad with this fruit.

Add Unique Flavor with Amoretti Premium Apricot Syrup

Aside from all these culinary applications, one of the greatest opportunities to add unique flavor through apricot is with a vodka martini. The following Apricot Vodka Martini recipe takes approximately 24 hours and 3 minutes to complete, but you will relish the opportunity to add unique flavor with this historic fruit.

Apricot Martini

Ingredients for this refreshing vodka martini include:

First, allow the 2-3 dried apricots to soak in the mandarin orange-flavored vodka for a full day. The infused flavor will allow these dried fruits to act as a floating garnish!

Next, mix the vodka, Amoretti Premium Apricot Syrup, and ice into a cocktail shaker and mix. Strain into a martini glass to serve, float the dried apricots, and enjoy your Apricot Vodka Martini!

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