Bring back memories of blankets, snow drifts, and cozy winter mornings.

Bring back memories of blankets, snow drifts, and cozy winter mornings.

Okay, it might be a little early to look back at winter with longing; it’s still only May, after all. But, let’s be honest… when those scorching 90+ ºF temperatures mercilessly descend, the air-conditioning mysteriously short-circuits, and the pool closes down for an emergency cleaning, you might find just a twinge of forlorn wintry hope rippling beneath your wide-open pores.

When that happens, you know that you can count on us for a million and one icy gourmet drink recipes. Well, today we’d like to share an iced coffee recipe that will bring back memories of blankets, snow drifts, and cozy winter mornings – while also chilling you to the bone, in the best way possible, through your wavering-summer-heat-with-no-air-conditioning-and-a-closed-pool scenario: Icicle Dream Iced Coffee.

If you like to make gourmet drinks, you’ll especially enjoy this recipe. It’s not your standard iced coffee recipe. Rather, it’s frothy, foamy, and flavorful – but light on the dairy. Check out how to make this gourmet drink. You might be surprised!

Icicle Dream Iced Coffee

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the two coffee syrups and then pull the shots of espresso. Toss them over the ice and shake vigorously for five seconds so that the espresso, ice, and coffee syrups are chilled and foamy. Pour the contents into a tall Collins glass or a favorite to-go cup. Add more ice if necessary so that there are just a couple inches of room at the top of the glass. Slowly pour half and half (milk is fine, too) on the head of the drink so that it floats on top of the ice and espresso. Do not stir. Sip or enjoy with a straw.

    See. Not your average iced coffee, is it? We love the process of making this drink just as much as the great taste it yields. It takes a little practice to get it just right but it’s also not impossibly difficult either. Have fun with this recipe, and make it your own!

    Obviously, you can use any Amoretti coffee syrups that strike your fancy for this recipe. We have more than 115 for you to choose from! We’ve selected two of our creamy, wintry favorites for this particular version, however. Tell us which ones you’d pick!

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