Amoretti Banana Chocolate Latte Drink Recipe

This winter, not every drink recipe has to be loaded with spices and holiday-specific ingredients. Really, at this point, you’re probably ready to ditch the eggnog and move on. If that describes you, then we have a latte recipe that you’ll love.

This recipe brings together our adored banana syrup, Amoretti Premium Banana Syrup, and Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup, resulting in a delicious drink recipe. It’s a great way to drink coffee during the winter. But this recipe can be easily enjoyed in the spring and summer, too. It even makes for a great iced latte.

  • Ingredients:

    • Directions:
    • As you steam your almond milk, pull your shot of espresso. Add espresso, banana syrup, and milk chocolate syrup into your mug, swirling so that the ingredients mix well. Then, pour your steamed milk, holding back the foam with a spoon. Add a dollop of foam to your Banana Chocolate Latte. Enjoy!

      One note: We prefer using unsweetened/unflavored almond milk with this latte because it adds a slightly nutty flavor to the drink that you won’t get by using traditional dairy milk. Of course, you should use whatever milk (or other ingredients) you’re most comfortable with.

      When you buy these two Amoretti syrups this recipe calls for, you’ll have the ability to create so many more drinks. Both of these flavors are great items to have on hand for stocking your coffee bar. You can use them independently to enliven a cup of plain coffee. Or, you can use them to create your own unique hot chocolate recipe! Also, as the weather warms up in the spring, you can use these two syrups to make milkshakes, smoothies, and other tasty frozen treats.

      If you do decide to grab a bottle of Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup, be sure you know about our four favorite chocolate pairings. Chocolate is a great base syrup to have on hand. Simply pick up other fruit or mint flavors to pair with it, and you’ll open yourself up to dozens of cocktail, latte, and other drink options!

      Love our chocolate or banana syrup? Then let us (and other Amoretti fans) know by sharing how you use these syrups. Post your recipes and favorite combinations to the Amoretti Facebook page. We look forward to seeing your creations!

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