Amoretti Bare Bones Horchata

Did you ever think that ‘rice’ might be on your shopping list under “beverage ingredients”? No? Well, if you’d like to create a drink that’s unlike anything you’ve had before, try making horchata! Horchata is a popular drink throughout various regions of Latin America. And, whenever a drink is popular in a region as broad as Latin America, you know there are going to be some wide variations between recipes.



Blend the white rice in a food processor.  Some people recommend using a coffee grinder for a finer grind (try this at your own risk).  Using a traditional food processor, you should be able to get the grind fine enough after about a minute of blending.  Let the uncooked rice soak in the water for about three hours at room temperature.

Strain the rice water into a pitcher, and toss the rice.  Mix in the rest of your ingredients, and then chill.  Pour your horchata over ice, and serve.  Garnish with a cinnamon stick and/or grated nutmeg to make your horchata extra special!

This simple “bare bones” recipe calls for some creative but easy-to-obtain beverage ingredients.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have here at our headquarters in Southern California!  Also, you can try adding tequila to spike your horchata.  However, you probably wouldn’t want to have more than a couple of glasses of spiked horchata!  Another alternative for this recipe is drinking horchata warm.  Keep this idea in mind as fall approaches.

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