The margarita is one of the most iconic cocktail recipes of all time.

The margarita is one of the most iconic cocktail recipes of all time.

The margarita is one of the most iconic cocktail recipes of all time. Though we didn’t include it on our list of 20 Classic Cocktails, we definitely consider it with equal regard. Like many great cocktails, its origins are shrouded in mystery (and also laced with tequila). Here are two of the most popular stories surrounding the birth of the margarita…

The Tijuana Tale

According to many a cocktail “historian,” Carlos “Danny” Herrera created the margarita in 1938 at Rancho La Gloria, his restaurant in the Tijuana region. Supposedly, Herrera had to create a cocktail for budding star Marjorie King, a picky customer who was allergic to all liquor with one exception: tequila.

Herrera designed the margarita, which combined the essential elements of a tequila shot (a lick of salt and some lime), and served it up to King years before it became wildly popular.

The Dallas Story

Of course, Herrera isn’t the only one who has claimed responsibility for this incredibly popular cocktail. Margarita Sames, a Dallas socialite, claimed that she invented the drink in 1948 while entertaining guests, among them, Tommy Hilton the hotelier, at her vacation home in Acapulco.

Amoretti Premium Blood Orange Syrup

Amoretti Premium Blood Orange Syrup is one of the tastiest syrups to use in Hawaiian shaved ice.

There are plenty of other stories about and claims to the margarita. While we won’t throw our names in the hat for the original, we will lay claim to a totally unique margarita recipe, the Amoretti Blood Orange Margarita. Pick up some silver tequila, triple sec, and a bottle of Amoretti Premium Blood Orange Syrup, and you can try it at home…

Amoretti Blood Orange Margarita



This margarita recipe can be made either on the rocks or shaken and strained. Take a chilled margarita glass or Old Fashioned glass, and rub the rim with the lime wedge. Turn the glass upside down, and rim it in a plate of salt. Add all ingredients (either stirred or shaken), and enjoy!

While you don’t have to include the blood orange syrup, we think that this unique citrus syrup really adds a lot to the margarita. Our blood orange syrup has a deliciously refreshing citrus flavor that’s perfect for the margarita. Also, this unique citrus syrup is available as a blue agave nectar. After you make your margarita, try the April Showers Vodka & Blood Orange drink recipe.

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