Amoretti Cinnamon Coffee Syrup: Facts & Uses

Cinnamon Coffee

Cinnamon flavored coffee has long been a favorite amongst coffee drinkers throughout the world. Though we think real cinnamon or our premium cinnamon coffee syrup is the best way to get the flavor, it’s so popular that many coffee retailers include the flavor in their pre-ground coffee!

We’re big fans of the flavor. And, frankly, we haven’t come across many people who aren’t. If you’ve been reading the Amoretti blog for long, then you know that we’ve posted quite a few recipes featuring our cinnamon coffee syrup. (Check out our Hot Cinnamon Cider recipe for just one recent example!)

So what’s the big deal about cinnamon? That’s what we’ve been asking ourselves over the last few weeks. We did a little research, and found these interesting facts about one of the world’s favorite flavors for coffee, cooking, and more.

Cinnamon Syrup

We guarantee that Amoretti Cinnamon Apple Cider will be a hit with your family!

Cinnamon Facts From Amoretti

  • “Cinnamon” – the spice that we know – actually comes from the cinnamomum verum tree. The spice is from the bark of the tree.
  • The spice is native to Sri Lanka, though it is now cultivated in many places throughout the world.
  • You can find cinnamon mentioned as far back as 2800 B.C. in ancient Chinese writings. It also appears in Exodus, the second book of the Bible, as a part of an oil recipe.
  • Cinnamon hasn’t always been exclusive to the palate. In ancient Egypt, cinnamon was used for embalming.
  • Also, the spice played a legendary role in Ancient Rome. Nero famously burned an entire year’s worth of cinnamon at the funeral of his second wife.
  • Pliny the Elder wrote that 350 grams of cinnamon were worth roughly 5 kilograms of silver. That amazing ratio helps shed light on the incredibility of Nero’s grief.
  • Though we love cinnamon because it makes a great coffee syrup, it’s nice to know that there are some health benefits to it! It’s been used to treat everything from arthritis and diabetes to leukemia.
  • Cinnamon contains calcium, iron, dietary fiber, manganese, and zinc. That’s a lot of minerals for one bark!

If you really love cinnamon, be sure to check out our Pumpkin Cinnamon Recipe, which uses real cinnamon-flavored whiskey. Like what you taste? Discuss the recipe and your modifications with other Amoretti fans on the official Amoretti Facebook page.

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