Amoretti Cinnamon Walnut Hot Chocolate Drink Recipe

As we approach the coldest months, we can think of few drink recipes that are warmer than this nutty and spicy hot chocolate. This one will truly warm you right down to the bones: Amoretti Cinnamon Walnut Hot Chocolate. The two drink syrups that go into this recipe are truly better tasting than homemade flavored syrups!

Let’s take a look into these fine ingredients…

Amoretti Premium Cinnamon Syrup: This syrup is all spice. Don’t expect anything over-the-top sugary sweet in this ingredient. Stick to your own favorite hot chocolate recipe to get the sweetness, if that’s what you’re going for!

Amoretti Premium Walnut Syrup: Our walnut syrup is unlike any other. We’ve researched many different nutty syrup manufacturers, and found very little competition in the walnut market. For some reason, this distinct flavor has been largely overlooked. However, when you taste our premium walnut syrup, you’ll wonder why!

Ready to combine the two in our Amoretti Cinnamon Walnut Hot Chocolate?

  • Ingredients:

    • Directions:
    • Mix the first three ingredients well, and enjoy! Finish it off with a dollop of whipped cream on top. You can use your own hot chocolate mix, or you can make your own with warm milk and one of our distinct chocolate syrups.

      This drink recipe is sophisticated enough to be enjoyed by drink snobs, but tasty enough to appeal to even the youngest palates! The Amoretti Cinnamon Walnut Hot Chocolate is definitely a family drink. Try incorporating it into your next family night to make for an extra-special evening.

      Also, though we’ve chosen to use our better-than-homemade walnut-flavored syrup, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to. If you prefer a different nutty syrup, then go for it! We have five totally unique nutty syrups in stock. Pick the one that appeals to you most, and try substituting it into this hot chocolate recipe!

      We’d love to see you make this recipe your own. If you come up with your own spin on the Amoretti Cinnamon Walnut Hot Chocolate recipe this winter, then you should consider sharing your creation on the Amoretti Facebook page so other users can give it a try. Be sure to include pictures when you post your Amoretti drink recipe creation!

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