Amoretti Classic Cocktail #14: The Mamie Taylor

Mamie Taylor

The last few installments of our Classic Cocktail series have included some of the more complex cocktails from the 19th century and early 20th century. While the Mamie Taylor hails from the same era, it’s perhaps the easiest classic cocktail recipe we’ve shared yet!

First, a little background… Mamie Taylor was a renowned opera singer at the turn of the century. In 1899, while performing at Ontario Beach, near Rochester, New Jersey, Taylor went sailing out on the lake with other members of the opera company. Upon returning back to shore, the company went to the hotel bar for drinks.

Taylor wanted something refreshing – “a long, but not strong drink,” according to a 1902 Post Standard article. She asked for a claret lemonade, but received something entirely different, mistaking it for sparkling champagne. To take some of the “edge” off she requested a lemon peel be added. Allegedly, bystanders were amused with Taylor’s pleasure in the drink, and began ordering themselves. When the hotel-keeper was asked the name of the drink, he instantly responded, “The Mamie Taylor!” And, so another classic drink recipe was born!

The recipe has undergone some minor modifications over the last 100+ years, but remains quite true to what Mamie Taylor “created” on that summer day in 1899. Twenty years later, Harvey Washington Wiley, in his book Beverages and Their Adulteration, wrote, “Mamie Taylor is a mixed drink of considerable vogue.” We would have to agree.

The Mamie Taylor Drink Recipe

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Fill a Collins glass with ice. Pour first three ingredients, stir, and garnish with lime wedge.

    Obviously, this drink recipe is a breeze to throw together, and doesn’t require any expensive or hard to find ingredients. Just one note – when it comes to ginger beer, we think the spicier the better. Because spicy ginger flavor is such a key component of this drink, we think that it’s probably the most important ingredient. Your scotch whiskey should probably still cost more than your ginger beer, but don’t short yourself with an inferior ginger beer product!

    Also, while our lime syrup (one of our favorite unique citrus syrups) does have a little sweetness, its taste is primarily refreshing, real-fruit lime. Check out our other unique citrus syrups, and consider making your own substitution in this drink recipe!

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