Amoretti Classic Cocktail Recipe #7: The Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze cocktail


These days, the Sea Breeze is generally a more popular cocktail with women than men. However, that wasn’t always the case with this classic cocktail. Then again, the drink recipe has changed a lot over the years. When the Sea Breeze was first developed in the 1920s, the recipe called for gin and grenadine. (If you know anything about the history of liquor, then you know why… vodka wasn’t introduced in the United States until the 1930s, and wasn’t popular until the 1940s.)

During the 1930s, the Sea Breeze drink recipe underwent another round of revisions. Apricot brandy and lemon juice were added to accompany the gin and grenadine. However, the Sea Breeze had still not arrived in its final form. In the 1950s, a cooperative of cranberry farmers made a big push for using cranberry juice as an alcohol mixer. As vodka continued to rise in popularity, Americans bought into this classic pairing.  (See! There’s a reason you’re drinking ‘vodka cranberries’ – not ‘gin grapes’.)

Unfortunately, the Sea Breeze all-but-disappeared from the list of classic cocktails when, in 1959, the USDA declared cranberry crops to be full of toxic herbicides. The cranberry industry was devastated, and made a slow recovery. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the Sea Breeze (with cranberry juice) returned to the mainstream.

If you love to make gourmet drinks that don’t require too much effort, then you’ll love our Sea Breeze drink recipe…

  • Ingredients:

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    • This might be the easiest Classic Cocktail recipe yet. Simply add your ingredients to a highball glass full of ice, and enjoy.

      The standard IBA Sea Breeze recipe calls for cranberry juice, but we prefer using our Cosmo Cocktail Mix instead. It contains bright flavors of lime, cranberry, and sweet orange, which is everything that you need to make a distinctive Sea Breeze that’s unlike anyone else’s! Of course, if you want to make an “authentic” Sea Breeze, substitute straight cranberry juice instead. However, if you like to make gourmet drinks that are a little different from the ordinary, we think you’ll love our Cosmo cocktail mix!

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