Amoretti Drink Recipe: Victorian Pomander-Style Tea

In the spirit of Christmas, we’d like to offer our dedicated Amoretti blog readers a drink recipe they won’t find anywhere else. We love drawing upon the older Christmas traditions of the Victorians and early pioneers because of their innovative and daring use of flavors and aromas.

Our drink recipe for today takes inspiration from the Victorian pomander. Pomanders are small clusters of herbs and spices used to add an appealing fragrance to a room. During the winter months, it was considered a great luxury to have an orange stuffed with cloves and other spices. The oranges could then be hung or placed in bowls, where they could release their wonderful fragrance all winter long.

If you’d like to learn how to make these pomanders, there are plenty of online resources and DIY sites to give you all the information you need. But, here on the Amoretti blog, you can count on us to take this Victorian Christmas inspiration and provide you with a warming drink recipe.

This drink recipe recreates the scent and taste of cloves and oranges with two premium syrups, Amoretti Premium Gingerbread Syrup and Amoretti Premium Orange Blossom Syrup.

Amoretti Victorian Pomander-Style Tea

  • Ingredients:

    • Directions:
    • Nothing to this recipe at all! Simply mix your ingredients together and enjoy!

      We think that our gingerbread syrup makes for a great twist on the traditional use of cloves in this recipe. And, after all, when we’re creating something totally new, we’re allowed some creative liberties, right? We’re big fans of using green tea in this recipe. But, if you like the darker taste of black tea, then go for it! Using white tea is another great way to mix things up, and transform this recipe.

      Whatever you do, we’d like to encourage you to make this Victorian Pomander-Style tea your own. The actual pomanders of the day were all one-of-a-kind, often assembled using whatever ingredients were available at the time. So, feel free to let loose and experiment with this drink recipe this winter.

      Tell your kids about the early pomanders, their uses, and how we can create drinks from sources totally unexpected. It’s a great teaching moment, and a great opportunity for kids to explore their own creativity!

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