Amoretti for Breakfast: Why Not?

Liven up your pancake stack with some strawberries and then top them off with a drizzle of
Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup!

We know we’re rather partial to our beverage syrups. If we weren’t convinced that we were making the best product available, we’d stop production tomorrow. That’s to say, we’re committed. When you hear “Amoretti for breakfast” you probably think about adding one of our unique beverage syrups to your morning coffee tea, right?

We think that’s a great way to incorporate a little sweet into your breakfast, but we’ve got another suggestion. Next time your family does pancakes or French Toast, try adding a little Amoretti Premium Cinnamon Syrup or Amoretti Premium Chai Syrup into the batter. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Delicious and decadent for dessert, many of these syrups can be great choices for a breakfast treat.

Adding syrup can be a great way to bring a little extra spice to the breakfast table. It’s an easy and simple way to add unique flavor to an otherwise standard recipe. Besides, what better way to start experimenting with your cooking than to use a product you already know and enjoy?

We like to emphasize the diverse uses our beverage syrups have. From cocktails to coffee, from dessert toppings to baking, there’s an Amoretti syrup for all of life’s needs. If cinnamon or chai doesn’t whet your appetite, maybe you can be tempted by something from our Premium Chocolate Syrup line.

Delicious and decadent for dessert, many of these syrups can be great choices for a breakfast treat. Try incorporating Amoretti Premium Milk Chocolate Syrup into your next round of pancakes, and then top with powdered sugar and fresh blueberries and strawberries. The results are amazing!

Many professional chefs and cooks around the world rely on Amoretti's products.

Pancakes aren’t the only breakfast baked goods you can try. Your family probably already has a favorite treat! If you’re feeling adventurous, we’d love to know what your family does for breakfast when you’ve got the time to do some extra cooking. What happens when you incorporate Amoretti and add unique flavor into something traditional? We’d like to hear about it.

Tell us what your family is baking, and how you are using Amoretti to mix it up! Creativity is what it’s all about. Who knows, we might just feature your family’s fun breakfast creation here on the blog!

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