Amoretti Hot Toddy Drink Recipe

Amoretti Hot Toddy

Love to make gourmet drinks? Then you’ll love this new wintry drink recipe from Amoretti! The Amoretti Hot Toddy is a fun spin on an iconic drink. We think that the Hot Toddy – often used to cure the common cold – is the best kind of medicine there is. While we’re not going to claim that there are any medicinal benefits to the Amoretti Hot Toddy, we know that it sure does taste great!

Sip on this piping hot beverage by a warm campfire. Or, curl up with a blanket and special someone to enjoy this unique beverage creation together. Also, the Amoretti Hot Toddy is definitely open for interpretation. If you like to make gourmet drinks, then we don’t want you to feel glued to this recipe. Experiment! Have fun!

So, let’s run through the recipe…

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • First, boil your water. Seriously, boil it! This drink has so many other room temperature ingredients that you’ll want to have really hot water to start with. Steep your tea bag for four to six minutes. The longer you steep, the more intense the flavor. Next, stir in your tablespoon of honey so that it’s completely dissolved. Add your shot of whiskey. Finish off the drink with our tasty premium lemon syrup. Enjoy!

    This drink recipe is perfect for when you need to warm up (and enjoy a cocktail). Drink the Amoretti Hot Toddy by a roaring fire, or with a sweet holiday dessert. Also, please remember that the Amoretti Hot Toddy is a very versatile drink! That being said…

    If you like black tea, use black tea instead! Or, if you’re a fan of lime, substitute Amoretti Premium Lime Syrup. Make this drink your own. Once you perfect your own version of the Amoretti Hot Toddy, we would love to hear about it.

    Share your version of the Hot Toddy on our Facebook page where others can enjoy it, too. Even better, upload a picture of your drink creation. Have questions or need help along the way? Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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