Amoretti Martini Recipes: Cider Rum Martini

Try this recipe, perfect for the fall and holiday season.

Alright, cocktail fans… you’ve liked our martini recipes in the past. So, today we’re coming back with something we’re confident you’ll love: The Amoretti Cider Rum Martini. This cocktail is no ordinary martini recipe. Rather, we’ve taken the best parts of the martini – the martini glass – and shaken things up… a lot.

The Amoretti Cider Rum Martini recipe is easy to follow if you like to make gourmet drinks, but don’t like feeling frustrated with the process. Also, a cocktail shaker is the only bartending equipment necessary for making this little drink. So, it’s a perfect one to get started with!

Here’s the recipe for the Amoretti Cider Rum Martini:

  • Ingredients:

    • Ingredients:
    • Shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds so that your martini is thoroughly chilled with plenty of ice diluted. Pour your cocktail into a martini glass. Optional: rim your martini glass with powdered cinnamon, and garnish with a cinnamon stick for stirring.

      Obviously, this martini recipe will yield just one, but this cocktail could make a great punch bowl mix. If you opt to serve this as a punch, widen the cider to spiced rum recipe. After all, this cocktail masks the alcohol so well, that it’s easy to let it catch up with you – fast!

      If you do make this martini recipe as a punch instead, we recommend the following ratios:

      3 parts cider, 1 part rum, and 3.5 pumps Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup for every 16 oz of cider and rum.

      This martini is great for the holiday season. It has just enough warmth and spice to invoke good holiday cheer. However, it’s definitely not limited to the winter months. This cocktail is icy and refreshing. Our citrus-intense lemon syrup helps make it refreshing, preventing it from getting too sugary-sweet.

      We hope that you and your friends will enjoy the Amoretti Cider Rum Martini this holiday season and into 2013. If you do try your hand at making gourmet drinks with this recipe, or another Amoretti martini recipe, share your results on our Facebook page, which serves as a place for Amoretti fans to get together and connect over the process of making gourmet cocktails. Share tips and tricks about the Amoretti Cider Rum Martini, or learn a few tricks yourself!

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