Amoretti Mint Julep Drink Recipe

We’ve been writing about cocktails for a long time, but there’s one cocktail we haven’t shared with Amoretti Blog readers: the mint julep. The mint julep – similar to a Mojito – is a truly unique cocktail. It’s not very complex at all, but offers a distinct taste that can’t be recreated and bottled up.

History of the Mint Julep

Like many old cocktails, the mint julep is steeped in history. And – like many old cocktails – a lot of that history is connected to Washington, D.C. (see the Rum Daiquiri). It seems that the earliest print mention of the mint julep is in an 1803 book by John Davis, published in London. Though the recipe doesn’t specifically mention bourbon as the spirit of choice, it seems that bourbon has been a central part of this drink recipe for well over 150 years.

The mint julep made it out of the South and up into Washington, D.C.’s Round Robin Bar (at the Willard Hotel) thanks to Senator Henry Clay of Kentucky. Ever since the drink’s national debut, it’s long been associated with the Bluegrass State.

Mint Julep Drink Recipe

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Add a little bit of the bourbon and the mint leaves to the bottom of a glass (not your mint julep cup). Muddle the leaves to allow the flavor to fully release. Let the bourbon and leaves sit for a minute or two. Rim your mint julep cup with granulated sugar. Remove the leaves from the mixing glass by straining and add the bourbon to the mint julep glass. Add the rest of the bourbon, the Mojito mint syrup, and crushed ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

    Serving a Mint Julep

    Generally speaking, if people know just one thing about mint juleps, it’s that they’re served in special mint julep cups (never referred to as “glasses”). If at all possible, get hold of some mint julep cups for this drink recipe! A traditional mint julep cup is silver or pewter and has a copper core to help keep the ingredients insulated.

    When properly served, a mint julep will be completely frosted, and held only at the rim or base of the cup. This is an incredibly refreshing drink recipe for the springtime. Drink up!

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