Amoretti Pomander Latte Drink Recipe

Pomander Latte

Grand Orange and cinnamon? Yes! Trust us on this one. We know our flavors, and this drink recipe – strange though it may sound – is one you definitely won’t want to pass up. We recently wrote a drink recipe that drew on the inspiration of Victorian pomanders (cloves stuffed into oranges). Well, this drink recipe developed by pushing that idea a little bit further.

Rather than using green tea and our regular Grand Orange syrup, we’ve decided to create a latte that’s thick, creamy, and loaded with all the flavors of the season. So, rather than talking about it, let’s get down to business!

The Amoretti Pomander Latte

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    • Directions:
    • Mix all your ingredients together, and garnish with a clove. The drink recipe is simple, but the taste is full of a Victorian Christmas. However, we imagine the coffee you have is much better than anything the early settlers may have had!

      Grand Orange & Cinnamon Syrups

      Grand Orange & Cinnamon Syrups

      In case you missed our history lesson in the earlier blog post, the Victorians and early settlers used pomanders to freshen the air and impart a sweet aroma to rooms and trunks. A pomander was an orange, stuffed with cloves. The two sweet but distinct scents would combine to yield a delightful scent all winter long.

      Of course, we’re calling on our coffee syrups to provide a modern twist on this old Victorian classic. Rather than using a straight citrus orange flavor in this latte, we’ve opted for the creamy version of our Grand Orange coffee syrup. Our creamy syrups do a great job of bringing density and texture to lattes.

      Also, we’ve opted for cinnamon syrup because it offers a taste a little sweeter than cloves, which this latte needs to balance out the intense flavors of orange and coffee! However, don’t be deceived into thinking that our cinnamon syrup is all sweet. It carries a good spicy punch to it, making it unlike any other cinnamon coffee syrup you’ve ever had before!

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