Amoretti Products: A Variety of Uses

What can you do with a bottle of Amoretti Syrups? Drizzle some over a bowl of ice cream and find out!

Since we first started crafting unique beverage syrups here in southern California, we’ve found that our products have a variety of uses outside of their traditional roles in drinks. We want to highlight a few ways you can use Amoretti Premium beverage syrups to add unique flavor to your life in a variety of different ways.

Coffee & Tea

The majority of our customers (ourselves included!) enjoy our syrups for use in coffee and tea beverages. When we first started coming up with recipes in our kitchen, we have to admit this was an original intention. While syrups like Amoretti Premium Caramel Syrup have been favorites with employees and customers alike since the beginning, we quickly began expanding our line to cater to customer’s other needs.

Infuse your cocktail mix recipes with classic flavors like pomegranate, cosmopolitan, and sour apple; take your taste buds on a trip to the tropics with delicious passion fruit; or pucker up with tart blueberry or lemon drop.


Amoretti beverage syrups and Martini Cocktail Mixes soon occupied a lot of our attention. We realized that there was a growing market of customers who wanted to add unique flavor to their cocktails, but didn’t feel like acceptable syrups and mixers were available on the market. Creating a variety of cocktail mixes and Non-Alcoholic Liqueurs has been a great pleasure for the chefs in our company!


However, Amoretti syrups don’t have to go in a drink to be enjoyed. They can also be great toppings on ice cream or decadent chocolate desserts! We love pulling an unassuming bottle of syrup off the shelf once in a while to see what it’s like on a bowl of ice cream. Have fun trying this experiment yourself!

Check out this unique recipe for chocolatey, fruity decadence that is sure to take your guests to a whole new level of flavor!


This blog has featured a variety of recipes that take advantage of Amoretti syrups in the kitchen. We recommend checking out past recipes like the one we posted on May 4th for chocolate pizza! Give it a try; we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Our premium Peppermint Syrup is the perfect way to take a moment with your friends, family or simply by yourself.


Eye Candy

Lastly, we don’t like to brag on ourselves, but a few bottles of Amoretti syrup on your home bar looks good. We’ve taken care to apply the best packaging and design to our product so you can be proud to display your syrup bottles. It might not be quite as compelling a reason as the taste factor, but the visual appeal is not a bad perk to using Amoretti!

Many professional chefs and cooks around the world rely on Amoretti's products.

We love making products that are so versatile. When you buy a bottle of syrup like Amoretti Premium Peppermint Syrup you can add unique flavor to coffee or a cocktail, enjoy an ice cream topping, and have a great looking item on your home bar! Do you have other uses?

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