Want to drink your Amoretti Rose Martini pronto? That’s where we come in.

Want to drink your Amoretti Rose Martini pronto? That’s where we come in.

You could make your own rose syrup, but let’s be honest…when it’s 5 o’clock on a Friday night, you’d rather cut straight to the chase. Want to drink your Amoretti Rose Martini pronto? That’s where we come in.

Rose can be a hard-to-find floral syrup – well, a good rose syrup can be. If you’ve tried many rose syrups, then you’ve probably noticed one thing that many of them have in common: artificial flavorings. Most rose syrups just don’t make the cut. By using artificial flavors and sweeteners, they end up falling short of that botanical aroma that an authentic rose syrup requires.

Well, we didn’t waste much time complaining about the state of things. Instead, we decided to make our own rose syrup, using natural flavor and bottling it right here in Southern California. If you’re looking for a hard-to-find floral syrup that won’t let you down, give Amoretti Premium Rose Syrup a try. If you’re at all disappointed with what you taste, then we’re on your side – no questions asked!

Unique beverage syrups: Rose Syrup

The natural and refreshing taste of roses.

Amoretti Rose Martini



Add the first four ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled martini glass. Squeeze the twist of lemon over the glass and drop in as a garnish. Enjoy!

The essential ingredient here – besides Amoretti Premium Rose Syrup, of course – is grapefruit bitters. Grapefruit bitters are wonderful for zesting up a floral beverage. These bitters bring together astringent citrus flavors and soft floral flavors in a way that no other bitters can. If you don’t want to add another bottle of bitters to your bar, then orange bitters will do.

Three More Cocktail Recipes With Rose Syrup

If you love our rose syrup, then chances are you’ll enjoy these other cocktail recipes:

Amoretti Pear-Rose Martini: There’s no fruit that complements the rose more finely than pear. So, we decided to “pear” the two together in this martini recipe. A little bit of coconut flavoring and a mint sprig is all this recipe needs for a clean finish.

The Texas Rose Margarita: Like margaritas? Good. You’ll love this innovative take on the classic.

Rose Royale: We published this recipe well over a year ago, but we keep coming back to it. Rose and champagne? You’ll feel like a queen – or king!

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