This wine-tini recipe is all about intense, sour flavor.

This wine-tini recipe is all about intense, sour flavor.

The summer of wine-tini recipes continues. And – considering the climbing temperatures around the country – it’s a good thing! Last week we shared our Peachy Passion Wine-Tini, which calls for peach schnapps, our passion fruit cocktail mix, and plenty of fresh fruit. The wine-tini recipe was such a hit that we decided to create another one that’s fairly similar.

The main difference?

This wine-tini recipe is all about intense, sour flavor. But don’t worry about it being too sour. You don’t have to be some lip-puckering-aficionado to appreciate the punch that this wine-tini recipe packs. It’s just sour enough to be a little intense, but not so sour that you’ll want something different after drinking just one!

Lemon Raspberry Wine-Tini

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 bottle (750 ml) white wine
    • ½ cup Raspberry Schnapps
    • ½ cup Amoretti Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail Mix
    • 1 quart muddled seedless raspberries
    • 1 sliced lemon
    • Lemon verbena (use as much as you have)
    • ½ liter (2/3 the wine bottle) ginger ale

  • Directions:
  • Muddle the raspberries in the bottom of a large pitcher. (Don’t pulverize them!) Add all ingredients (except ginger ale) to a large pitcher. Stir well. Place pitcher in the refrigerator for at least an hour so that ingredients can chill thoroughly. Once you’re ready to drink, remove the pitcher from the refrigerator, add ginger ale and serve!

    Summer Wine-Tini Party?

    This wine-tini recipe makes plenty, so invite some friends over and kickoff your summer the right way. Another fun way to a approach the wine-tini is to buy different ingredients (cocktail mixes, boxed wine, liqueurs, etc.) and then host a “build your own wine-tini” party.

    Since many people aren’t too familiar with the idea of a wine-tini, you can create some model recipes that can be looked to as guidelines. Also, you may want to encourage guests to bring their own favorite ingredients to share. You’ll probably be surprised by the diversity of the selections.

    Whatever you choose to do, have fun! Amoretti ingredients aren’t necessarily meant to be enjoyed alone. It’s our hope that our gourmet cocktail mixes and other ingredients bring good friends together for good times. So, be generous, support creativity, and drink responsibly.

    Enjoy this wine-tini recipe? If so, you might like to try another one of our sour wine-tini recipes, the Amoretti Sour Apple Wine-Tini.

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