Amoretti Three-Minute Brownie Recipe for One

Top your brownies or other desserts with Amoretti syrups.

Top your brownies or other desserts with Amoretti syrups.

It’s 10 pm. The kids are in bed. It’s been a long day. Suddenly it hits you: I have got to have a brownie, NOW! Yeah, we hear you. When the craving hits, it hits. But, what are you going to do? Whip out the brownie mix and start spraying down a 9-inch pan? Overkill.

The last time this perennial problem reared its ravenous head, we mustered up a little ingenuity and created the Amoretti Three-Minute Brownie Recipe for One. And, yes, it really does only take three minutes. Is it the best tasting brownie in the world? No, it is not. Does it hit the spot? Most definitely.

Amoretti Peppermint Brownie

  • Ingredients:
  • Directions:
  • Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave in a mug. Once melted, add the butter, and stir. Next, add the premium syrup (any Amoretti flavored syrup will work), the sugar, and the flour. Stir all ingredients together in your mug. If the mixture is too thick or “dusty” with flour, then add a touch of water. Cook your brownie in the microwave for 1 minute, 45 seconds. Let it cool for a couple minutes, and dig in!

    4 Reasons to Try This Recipe

    1      You have all the ingredients in your kitchen – with the possible exception of Amoretti Premium Peppermint Syrup. Also, you can use any of our flavored syrups. Think outside the box here. Try a spicy premium syrup like cinnamon; or go the novelty route with tres leches.

    2      You won’t have anything to clean up! When we’re feeling kind of lazy, there’s no better kind of cooking to do than the self-contained kind. All you need for this recipe is a mug. It is your mixing bowl, your bake ware, and your serving dish.

    3      Let’s be honest: you don’t really want a whole pan of brownies sitting around for the next two days to tempt you. This recipe makes it easy to cook just one. Eat it, and you’re done. No more lingering cacao temptation.

    4      You have the time. Three minutes, and we’re not kidding! That’s maybe a minute or two more than how long it would take you to defrost a brownie in the microwave.

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