Amoretti Unique Drink Syrups: Rock Candy

Who didn’t love eating rock candy off of a stick or a string as a child? It’s one of the most simple but delicious treats you can get… when you’re 8. But what’s wrong with a little nostalgia? We’ve found that many adults have fallen in love with their childhood through our delicious rock candy premium syrup. You can use Amoretti Premium Rock Candy Syrup in cocktails, iced teas, on shaved ice, or in this Rock Candy Italian Soda recipe we shared a few months back.

In case you’ve forgotten all about rock candy, let us remind you of this childhood treat with some interesting facts you probably never knew in the first place!

One of our more wildly unique drink syrups, Rock Candy Styrup brings back our childhood memories.

  • Rock candy is nothing but large sugar crystals. Of course, it’s popular to give rock candy some kind of flavor – typically a fruit flavor. In the United States, popular rock candy flavors include watermelon, cherry, grape, blue raspberry, strawberry, and cotton candy.
  • In India and Iran (where rock candy originated), the sugar crystals were typically flavored with some kind of flower essence or ambergris, which is a byproduct of sperm whales. Sure, it may not sound appetizing, but don’t knock it until you try it! Ambergris was used as a primary ingredient in many perfumes for centuries. It has a sweet, earthy aroma and taste that was especially popular in India and Iran.
  • Considering the fact that rock candy was primarily used as a mouth freshener in India, it makes sense that people would want a flavor like ambergris. We don’t imagine cherry being that “refreshing.”
  • While we know rock candy as a child’s treat, Chinese people have been using it to sweeten their chrysanthemum tea for a long time. Many Westerners and tea parlors have adopted the tradition and now choose rock candy sticks instead of a spoonful of sugar.

Our rock candy premium syrup is certainly one of our most unique drink syrups. As you can see, it’s definitely not a kids-only treat. Many of our adult customers have enjoyed using it in their cocktail recipes for a taste that’s more complex than your basic simple syrup. Also, you can use this unique drink syrup for sweetening your tea – instead of using traditional sugar or an artificial sweetener.

Lastly, you should know that our premium syrups are all-natural and contain no artificial ingredients. Give it a try today!

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