Amoretti Vanilla Syrup: 6 Facts You Probably Don’t Know

vanilla beans

With more than 115 different flavored syrups for coffee and tea, it’s easy for the more exotic flavors to get all of the attention here on the Amoretti Blog. However, many people are unaware of just how exotic vanilla is. Because vanilla is such a standard flavor here in the United States, we forget that there’s actually a lot of process, detail, and science in transforming vanilla from a bean on the vine into an ingredient in the kitchen.

If you’ve browsed through our online store, then you know that we’re crazy about vanilla syrup. In fact, we currently sell seven different types of vanilla syrup, including a sugar-free French vanilla flavoring and a blue agave nectar that’s flavored with French vanilla. So, without further ado, let’s learn some more about this amazing flavor…

Toeing the line between exotic and classic, this syrup is quite versatile!

  • Vanilla is a tropical orchid. In fact, it’s the only edible fruit in the orchid family. There are more than 150 different varieties, but only two are sold commercially: Tahitian and Bourbon. We’re proud to sell a Bourbon Vanilla Bean Syrup that’s great for coffee and tea.
  • Vanilla is grown in tropical climates within a 20-degree band on either side of the equator. It’s native to the Americas, but now grown all over the world (Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Guatemala, and elsewhere).
  • Vanilla is the most expensive spice in the world next to saffron.
  • Vanilla is surprisingly the most labor-intensive crop in the world. Flowers don’t appear on the vine until three years after planting, and then it takes nine months for beans to develop on the vine. Once the beans are harvested, they have to undergo a drying/washing process that’s similar to drying and washing coffee. After this process, it takes several months of rest for the beans to take on their signature flavor and fragrance. Of course, the beans then have to be processed into a consumer-friendly form (whether that’s vanilla extract, vanilla bean powder, or something else).
  • Vanilla accounts for the United States’ most popular ice cream flavor. 30% of U.S. adults say it claims their number one slot!
  • Contrary to popular belief, bourbon vanilla and bourbon whiskey have nothing to do with one another.

The next time you need a flavored syrup for coffee, tea, or lattes, why not try a vanilla syrup? Once you know a little bit about the process behind making vanilla, it tastes even better than before! Treat your coffee bar to one of our best-sellers, Amoretti Premium French Vanilla Syrup.

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