Amoretti Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix

Amoretti Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix has the authentic wild strawberry taste that cannot be easily recreated!

Wild fruit. There’s nothing else like it. Have you ever tasted a wild strawberry, picked from the trail in a pristine high-altitude mountain valley? Now, compare that to what you buy at the grocery (likely shipped from somewhere near the Amoretti HQ in Southern California!). There’s a difference, right?

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The difference between wild and cultivated fruit is profound. And, for us, the use of ‘wild’ isn’t just a marketing gimmick. Our Amoretti Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix received its name because it is something truly special. The authentic wild strawberry taste is one of the more hard to find flavors. And, there’s a good reason for that. It’s much more difficult to create.

So, how do we get the delicious flavor that’s bottled in our Amoretti Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix? By the same practices that are behind our other unique martini mixes: perseverance, trial and error, and lots of real, natural fruit!

If you’re short on ideas of how to use a flavor this exceptional, don’t worry. We have more ideas than we know what to do with! For starters, we recommend using it in the classic vodka martini. Because gin has such a unique flavor of its own, we recommend going with vodka. However, you may disagree!

If you want to be a little more creative, take advantage of the full, fruit flavor that’s found in our Amoretti Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix by creating your own, homemade wine-tini. The wine-tini is a new kind of drink that seems to be growing in popularity each summer. We’ve included a basic recipe for the beverage on the back of this bottle and all of our unique martini mixes. Take one part mix and two parts white zinfandel, and voila!

For the truly ambitious, try getting creative with Amoretti Wild Strawberry Martini Cocktail Mix. We think this mix goes great with a variety of liquors. Also, you can add in a touch of your favorite hard to find flavors found in our Premium Fruit Syrup product line.

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